Monday, July 13, 2015

school lunch 101

The first step to making a lunch that will actually be eaten? Get a lunchbox that's ideal for little hands. 

In celebration of Plastic Free July and with a new school term upon us, I thought it best to share how I do lunches around these parts. I aim for healthy, fresh and colourful with a little homemade treat every now and then (nothing too fancy) and stainless steel packaging - always. 

I first purchased these lunchbots stainless steel containers when Che started school and I haven't looked back. We have two unos (for sandwiches), a trio (for Che) and a quad (for Poet) and I fill them to the brim with whatever I can rustle up. I find that cutting up fruit and vegies into bite-sized portions ensures they're eaten - without fail. My children love snacks (they're grazers, that's for sure) so their snack boxes usually come home empty. 

Sandwiches are a a different matter altogether which I wholeheartedly understand...we can all get a little tired of the humble sandwich, can't we? My solution? - a thermos! I was recently gifted two Thermos containers and have used them every day since. The perfect size for a school bag, these little gems keep food warm for five hours and cool for seven so they're perfect no matter the season. I've been reheating my tuna + herb pasta, spaghetti bolognaise, fried rice and pumpkin soup to ensure little tummies are tempted come lunchtime (I pack a bamboo spork and a napkin, too). Granted, a warm lunch doesn't always eventuate but as far as I'm concerned a honey, banana or vegemite sandwich is not to be frowned upon. 

As for snacks, fruit and vegies are a staple, brown rice crackers often make an appearance and banana bread or blueberry yogurt cake is always popular. Sometimes there's dates, a boiled egg, popcorn, corn chips, cheese, leftover pizza, half an avocado, hummus, bliss balls or muesli slice. And when I need new inspiration? - I head straight to Lunch Lady

What are your go-to ingredients for lunch boxes? Feel free to share recipes and/or links.

ps. in case you're interested, Poet's personalised bag is from hazyjane and the name stickers are from stuck on you

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  1. I love those stainless still containers, thank you for sharing your tips! Fruits, a honey toast, cheese and pasta are the most common for our little one when he goes to daycare. Your family is b e a u t i f u l !

  2. Thanks lovely, glad to see poet's bag is still much loved xx

  3. Looks lovely. How do you keep it all cool in summer? I've been thinking about changing from lots of small containers in a Skip Hop lunchbox to the ease (mainly for the kids) of a Lunchbot box, so interested to hear how you handle the Australian summer heat. Also, do you find the foods leak into the different compartments? Sunny wishes from Sydney, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Good questions! Poet has a fridge at Montessori so I don't have to worry so much about food staying cool. However, during the summer months I put the lunchboxes in the fridge the night before so they are nice and cool when I pack them the next morning. And no, the foods don't leak into other compartments.

      Hope this helps x

  4. What cool little lunch containers!


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