Wednesday, January 07, 2015

10 pregnancy essentials

Comfort is the upmost priority in pregnancy and this time around, I have been particularly fussy when it comes to how an item fits. From about 8 weeks pregnant I couldn't stand wearing anything around my waist so I've been wearing dresses most days. I've also found that by the time you reach the third pregnancy, your body requires a little more support, hence I've shopped for pieces that hold the belly up and in. 

In my last two pregnancies I tended to go a bit overboard when purchasing maternity clothes. I think I was trying to compensate for my rapidly changing body shape and I ended up with far too many ill-fitting clothes that I couldn't bear to look at once baby had arrived. 

But this pregnancy was always going to be different. I knew I wanted to invest in a few quality items that were both stylish and practical. I have no problem with having a couple of outfits on high rotation and I'm pleased to say that the pieces I have bought have lasted from the first trimester until now (and yes, there's still room to grow). I have opted for a basic colour palette of black, blue and white and have added colour and pattern with accessories - scarves, bags, jewellery. 

1. swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do when you're pregnant and a summer pregnancy definitely requires a swimming costume. I purchased this one-piece swimsuit* when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and have, quite literally, worn it everyday. It's incredibly supportive in the ocean and it will definitely see me right through till the end of the pregnancy. 

2. An absolute must-have for the last trimester, labour and the first few months of breastfeeding, this organic sleep bra* is incredibly comfortable and supportive. For a cheaper version consider this polka-dot option* (I wore it in labour with Poet and every night in the first few months).

3. Bonds maternity undies. One word: comfy. 

4. Because of my hyperflexible hips, my pelvis has been slightly painful this pregnancy. The ligaments aren't quite as strong as they once were, hence I need a bit of support to lift the belly (otherwise the waddle is profound). It's difficult to find support-wear that is stylish enough to wear as outer-wear (and it's too hot to wear a support band under my clothes). I did my research and discovered American brand Blanqi - available in Australia here. A black singlet is a pregnancy staple and I can't recommend this one* enough! I'll definitely pack it in my hospital bag as I find I need support around my midsection after birth, too.

5. The ultimate pregnancy leggings* for pre-natal yoga and daywear; I just wear a loose singlet over the top and I'm good to go. Whilst it's a little too hot to wear leggings all day at the moment, these are ideal for an autumn/winter pregnancy as they offer incredible support for the belly and manage to streamline the legs at the same time. 

6. Linen is one of the coolest fabrics you can wear and this black linen dress has been a staple for the past few months. I'm currently wearing it a few times a week - easy, stylish, roomy, breezy (the black linen is no longer available but this is another, slightly more floral, option and this black kimono maxi is beautiful!) 

7. Sleeping during a summer pregnancy requires very little in the way of sleepwear. I'm currently alternating between this cotton slip and this nursing nightie which will, of course, offer the ideal support once baby is here. I've also got my eye on this robe, perfect the first few sleepy months. 

8. I'm going to go as far as saying that this insulated drink bottle* is the ultimate pregnancy accessory. I take it with me absolutely everywhere; filled with cold water and ice cubes. And yes, the ice cubes stay frozen! I wouldn't be without it.

9. This French-inspired classic (and stretchy) dress from Bohemian Traders has been worn at least three times a week since I was 9 weeks pregnant. If you're after a summery version, it's also available in short-sleeve and a looser but still stylish fit - looks great with sandals and a tan bag.

10. I used Gaia's Belly Butter throughout my pregnancy with Poet and it's one of the first things I purchased this time around. Whilst I do like to use oils I find that they easily stain my clothes and bedsheets, hence this body butter is my preferred option. 

For those of you who have asked, I'm currently compiling a "baby essentials" post which includes the very basics for life with baby. It should be ready within the next fortnight!

*affiliate links which earn me a small commission when an item is purchased. 


  1. I love Gaia's Belly Butter. So nourishing and smells divine. Recently tried the Gaia Belly Oil but the Butter is so much better.

  2. I have three children, my baby is 18 months and still breastfeeding. For this last pregnancy I decided to buy sports bras that i could pull down easily for breastfeeding. It was the best thing! I used it throw all the pregnancy, first months and still using it. It offers very good support with enough space for all the sizes that the breasts go throw...

  3. Totally remembering (as I always do this time of year when I see a pregnant lady) HOW much I suffered in the heat in the last few months. Oy. I hope you're staying cool with your feet up as much as possible (and are eating something more useful than a box of Aldi iceblocks a week haha) xo

  4. Can I ask about sizing for the bohemian traders dress? Do you wear your normal size or go up a size? Thanks!


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