Thursday, December 04, 2014

simple objects, practical items

Black garbage bags with yellow ties; never have they represented such satisfaction or relief. You see, over the past few months they have been filled with things we no longer need then promptly driven to the op-shop. The process of significant decluttering has been both cleansing and rejuvenating.

Clearing clutter and purposely living with less has a definite domino effect and I find that necessity and practicality is at the forefront of my mind when I consider how I'm using objects and purchasing new items.

Like the bag I'm carrying, for instance. It recently dawned on me that in the not so distant future, I'll be carrying a heavier load; a baby in a sling and a bundle of necessities - a change of clothes, nappies, wipes as well as my usual accompaniments: wallet, phone, sunglasses, diary. For the past few months I've been using a leather tote bag - cavernous and heavy I filled it with the unnecessary and all those just-in-case things; telltale signs of a chronic over-packer. But then I noticed that my shoulder was sore and I was lugging, not carrying. If I'm realistic, it will be another few years till I can get away with a small over-the-shoulder handbag again so for now I'm enjoying the lighter option - a vintage handbag that only holds the essentials.

When it came time to buy a diary for the new year - always a promising and exciting purchase - I shopped around for a paperback option that did the job without being too cumbersome. After much searching I discovered Mi Goals and my new diary arrived today; it's simple and light an I'm enamoured with its blank pages and possibilities.

This practical mindset is new for me; it comes after years of frivolous spending that I later regretted.

Do you carry a bag that's full of unnecessary items? Have you got a diary for 2015 yet? - there seems to be quite a positive buzz about the New Year, don't you think?


  1. Such a timely post Jodi! I am in the middle of reading the book 'The Minimalists' and I am so motivated to start tossing things out and not hanging onto them. I usually do a decluttering sporadically but am finding that we are becoming too consumed by 'stuff' and a lot of it really isn't necessary. Very hard when you have 3 kids, but I am the main culprit :-) So, that is my plan in the new year to do a major overhaul... however it will take time to change my thinking. And I usually try and carry only the necessary items in my bag and I haven't bought a diary for 2015 yet!

  2. Some time ago I realized about the unnecessary things just-in-case-that I was carrying every time with me so the things that comes with me are very basic: phone, purse (with just the credit cards/ club cards that I will need), keys and sometimes lip balm, the small agenda or the thin notebook. Now the think is that I have very big bags o backpack that I bring with me but I never fill.

  3. My personal process of simplifying began back in 2010.
    I just love the feeling of letting go…

    Today my bags are free of clutter (a really small wallet, phone, pencil and a little notebook in size of my hand) maybe some handkerchiefs or wipes if we are eating out with the children (3 & 4,5).

    And the best thing, I got a Paulo Coelho 2015 diary for my B. day. I wanted it, but never told anyone. As a side effect of decluttering, people now know what I really like and wish for.

    Love from Slovenia, Jelena

  4. I have been de-cluttering oh so slowly over the past year, countless bags have been taken to the charity shop. But I've reached a rut and I need to do more. I'm going on vacation so when I get back I'm hoping to finish the job off. But I am so weird when it comes to handbags though. I literally carry around nothing with me. I own two handbags, and if I can I will only take what I can fit into my pockets (I don't even use a wallet). When I need to take my camera out with me I take my smaller handbag and for longer journeys (books and snacks for my 4 year old) I begrudgingly take out my big bag. It's one of my favourite things, not being tied to a handbag.

  5. You Australians get all pretty things! I love the simplicity of that diary, but sadly I'm in the US. . .

  6. I carry one of the bags I make and sell. It's light, fits over my wrist while I'm pushing the pram and I can fit exactly what I need and not all the random things I think I'll need and don't. I still manage to fill it with tissues and receipts :) And of course the nappy bag. But MY bag reminds me who I am.

  7. Choosing a daily/weekly planner says quite a lot about a person! I like the gold accent on the one you chose. My purse doubles as a baby bag, using some fabric pouches and little drawstring bags for the extra essentials. When I use my Boba wrap or Ergo, we forego the purse entirely. The Ergo does have a small pouch for a diaper/bank card which is not much, but handy.
    @Andrea: I'm in the US too. You could try Tildeshop, Poketo or Cavallini & Co. for some understated planners.

  8. I love having a fresh empty diary for the new year and finding the time to sit down quietly and fill it in for the year to come.


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