Friday, September 05, 2014

in other places

fellow pregnant muma, Steph, sent me this CD which I've played multiple times a day since it arrived - sweet, sweet tunes

I write this whilst sipping tea and eating homemade carrot cake (it's an old recipe but a really, really good one...perhaps I'll share it soon). Tea, cake and writing - a good combination.

I feel like my brain is finally coming out of a fog so I'm starting to get organised for the months ahead - editorial calendars are being created, school holidays roughly planned and birthday presents ticked off the list (Daniel and Che both celebrate their birthday in September). It's quite daunting to think that we're most definitely heading towards the end of the year and I'm trying to avoid the feeling of being rushed; hard as it may be. 

Happy weekend - and a big, heartfelt Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

In other places:

a local gardener has invented a compost that sits in your vegie garden.
I did a little pregnancy shopping this week; I'm loving this maternity bra, luxurious belly butter and this tank.
making art with kids - some great tips here.
I laughed out loud (and then cried) when I read Kellie's birth story.

(not much online reading this week, epsom salt baths and early nights have been priority). 


  1. Gorgeous blog! So impressed with all you've done, birthday gifts somehow sneaks up on me every time!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Her voice mesmerises me. And yes to the fog lifting, yes to getting organised...scooters and new helmets on layby for Chrissie, yes to bump shopping (some bras you've recommended before),next up are togs...eeek! any suggestions?, and yes,yes, yes to Epsom salt baths and early nights. Enjoy your new found energy lovely :) xx

    1. I suppose you have to be especially organised for Chrissy! In regards to togs, I really like the Seraphine range over at Queen Bee....good reviews too which always helps me make my decision! It's still freezing here so I'm not going to buy just yet but I admit, I'm looking forward to some buoyancy in the ocean x

    2. Oh I wish I could say the same about the fog lifting!! I get home from work and collapse in a heap - feeling like a terrible mumma. The house is dirty, the to-do list never done: I must just remember to breathe and be kind to myself. That carrot cake recipe sounds delicious :)

    3. saplinghouse, my energy seems to ebb and flow at the moment and I have to be careful that I don't overdo it on the days when I'm particularly energetic. How many weeks pregnant are you? x

  3. Please do share the carrot cake recipe!

  4. Carrot cake, so long i haven't been making this, thankfully week-end's coming up…

  5. Oh please share the carrots cake recipe. I used to eat it all the time while I was living in Ireland. I can't find it here in Italy and I miss it so much!

  6. So glad to read you are enjoying early nights - so important at this time!


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