Thursday, September 04, 2014

dreaming of summer

Sleepless from Daniel Grey on Vimeo.

This footage was shot in early January. We had just discovered that Daniel would be overseas for 13 weeks and we went to the beach most days to escape the reality of what was ahead. It was a really stressful time for us; dealing with the practicalities of the trip and the intense and confronting emotions. I'll be honest; I was petrified, utterly petrified. And I must admit, it was quite a relief when the goodbyes were over and he was off on his journey.

They were 13 very long weeks but now they seem like forever ago. There are a few things I remember about the experience; the all-encompassing fear, the acceptance and pride, Che's anger, the deep, heart-aching missing, the support from family and friends, the countdown and our sobbing reunion. Strangely, what is most clear about that time in my life are the days leading up to his departure. The warm summer mornings where we sat under the trees at the beach and sipped coffee before sinking into the ocean and forgetting about it all; if only for a few minutes. The sea brought much relief for us all at that time and I'm forever indebted to its palpable calm.

As we journey towards summer again we'll be capturing the we've-come-full-circle story (because what happens when your partner comes home from 13 weeks away?) I plan to embrace ocean swims with the very best floatation device a woman could ask for - a ripe, pregnant belly - and I'm hoping Daniel will capture it on film.

ps. please don't judge me on the salty dreadlocks in Poet's was summer, hair-brushing wasn't a priority.

Daniel shot this on the panasonic GM1 - a nifty little (it really is tiny) camera. He's using the very best lens - the 20mm 1.7 (you don't need expensive gear to shoot good film).


  1. this is magical Jodi. So captivating - talented husband and beautiful little girl xx

  2. "Look, I found a piece of the world." Love that! Beautiful post, every word.

  3. Wow, Daniel's video accompanied by your words are absolutely stunning. (edit-- I think you meant to say floatation device)

    I spent 7 months away from my husband before we were married, I went abroad to study in England my senior year of university, and I so clearly remember the heart wrenching days leading up to my departure, the anticipation of the goodbye ruined me. And every time I think about that drive to the international terminal and our hasty goodbye (quick, like a bandaid) it brings tears to my eyes, never before has the pain been so visceral. But there isn't anything better to make you appreciate time with your partner than time spent apart, and the foundation that distance helps build is unmatched. I am so happy for your beautiful growing family!

    1. ah - thanks for the edit! Regardless of how hard it was it was definitely a wonderful experience for our relationship x

  4. Gorgeous! As a fellow film maker I love seeing your husbands work.

  5. God,who could make any judgemental comment
    when seeing such a beautiful and fierce little girl???!
    You're lucky to have such precious ways of
    capturing lovely times...

  6. my comment was slightly tongue in cheek ;) - yes, I am indeed lucky x

  7. So beautiful, Jodi. This has really made my day.
    Ronnie xo

  8. Congratulations! What beautiful news. x

  9. What a wonderful, wonderful capture of a little girl's attention to the world, of her demeanour and posture. Tears just well up in my eyes, every time I've watched it.

    Also, thanks for mentioning the camera and lens - the idea of being able to shoot anything with such a wide degree of aperture makes me swoon! I've been wondering if it was possible in a small camera, and here it is - though still completely out of my own price range (with the lens it's about 3 x my rent ;o) but you never know, in a few years someone might sell it at a price I can afford :o)


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