Monday, September 29, 2014

a spring cleaning guide : the drawers you use every day

please don't ask me whether The Luminaries is a good read; I can only comment on the first five pages / a money tree because I figure that a token of abundance is a good omen to wake up to / a lamp that dims - ideal for mothers of babies

Granted, this may be erring on the side of too-personal, but consider the one clothing drawer that is guaranteed to be opened every day. Regardless of where you're going and what you're doing, you need your smalls. 

But, if you're anything like me, your underwear drawer is a shambles. Up until yesterday, there was a part of me that clung to the hope that my bottom would return to its perky, pre-baby, 8-years-ago self, hence I had underwear in a range of sizes, shapes and styles - from far too long ago. 

Yesterday I decided to get rid of the small smalls and with them, I let go of false hope. There's something quite relieving and freeing about embracing a changed body shape; it's acceptance of where you've been and where you are. 

Once the emotional contents had been dealt with, it was quite easy to clear out the unwanted and make space for the practical. Thanks to some woven ikea baskets everything has a place; undies, bras, socks, singlets, pjs and swimmers.

It was, I found, one of the easier decluttering practises, because attachment to underwear is minimal. It also made me reconsider every drawer/cupboard/surface that I use on a daily basis. We've already paid attention to the cutlery drawer, the bathroom cabinet and the pantry, but what about the bedside table - the piece of furniture you wake up to every morning, the surface that begs for calm. It deserves your attention because you deserve a clutter free, sleep-inducing space beside your bed. It will only take 10 minutes of your time - why not revive it now? 


  1. You made me smile, cause that's exactly what I did just a few weeks back - including the 'letting go of false hope'-part.
    And isn't that what makes a mom even more beautiful? To embrace herself for who she is... with every new dress size and every stretch mark telling the story of love.

  2. Oh Jodi, some days you click over to someone's blog and you find the words you are just needing to hear. I have been sitting here pondering my changed body shape all day, taking deep breaths when I think about spring cleaning my wardrobe and all of it's contents. I think part of it is that lack of clothes that will be left (although I know I don't wear them!) and what to replace them with!!

  3. This has been on my to-do list since the newborn fog lifted! I just noticed it still un-highlighted on my list sitting forlornly on my desk this morning...along with lots of other Spring cleaning tasks! I'm off to tick this one off, thanks for the shove in the general direction (and I SO need a dimming light, or a low wattage bulb at the very least!)

  4. Just this morning I parted with many bras that sadly no longer fit. I noticed a big difference in the style change as well and I felt very old and boring!! Ha ha

  5. I did this exact thing last week and could NOT believe I hadn't done it sooner! I was slightly mortified by some of the tiny pieces that were hidden at the very back of the drawer {not to mention, SO many bras that no longer -and I don't think will ever - fit}. Despite there being more beige than I'd like to admit, it feels refreshing! x

  6. I've been using precious space to store clothes that I no longer fit in to since my first born seven years ago! I just didn't want to be wasteful and get rid of them and buy new clothes. It wasn't until we just moved this week in to a smaller rental that I had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Now I wish I had done it a long time ago. Because not only has my body changed shape but so has my style. Such a timely post for me. Thank you!

  7. I started to tidy my bedside table, it is a bit of a dumping ground. I counted 8 unfinished books (i have a short attention span) & 3 lip balms. I have several buddhas by my bed collecting dust. I used to keep a llittle dish next to my bed with jewelry in it but with a curious toddler around i've had to rethink that. I've also had to stop keeping my reading glasses there as she has broken mine twice recently.

  8. An insightful post and love the money tree. I have read The Luminaries and was turning the pages very quickly towards the end, and really got into it, though am still a bit unsure about the ending...!


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