Friday, August 08, 2014

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I'm so grateful that I spent last weekend in bed; considering how sick I was I've recovered really quickly - rest is the best medicine. Poet is on the mend, too and I would like that to be it for winter illnesses, thank you very much.

I've been making batch after batch of chicken broth as my stash in the freezer was getting low. I tend to vary the ingredients based on what I have available but I always make sure I add two garlic cloves, a bay leaf and a decent hand full of fresh flat-leaf parsley. I've been eating every day for lunch with soba noodles and lots of freshly ground black pepper; I highly recommend.

After the slow and quiet of sickness I'm back into the swing of work, cooking and general home maintenance. I even made an appointment with the accountant for my tax return (so many disorgansied receipts that need my attention); it's a chore I loathe but one that feels incredibly satisfying once it's all done. Tell me, how do you keep track of your receipts throughout the year? Any programs you recommend?

In other places:

beautiful blue party dress for a little girl
an inspiring look into Bridget Bodenham's pottery studio
windward wearables is having 50-60% off its gorgeous, handmade collection
zucchini chocolate cakes - yum!
one of my ultimate comfort foods: hearty beef cottage pie
if you missed it earlier, I'm giving away one place in the Dream. Discover. Do e-course
here's some practical ideas for father's day gifts

Happy weekend!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. Yes, the tax return is something we loathe in our house too. Thanks for the fathers day gift link, i forgot its not that far away. T x

  2. Fantastic that you are feeling better. Winter is on it's tail end now.

    We use Xero for home/business xo


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