Friday, August 08, 2014

dream. discover. do. | an e-course giveaway

"Dream. Discover. Do. is a program that helps to connect you with your dreams, to help you understand your strengths and values and passions and to start motivating and inspiring you to do the things you really love. It's also a chance for you to understand how you limit yourself; how you self-sabotage or how you have faulty thinking that holds you back from doing the things that you want to be doing in your life."  

I'm delighted to bring you this giveaway for the second time this year. Life-coach and mindfulness teacher, Kate James from Total Balance has created an 8-week e-course that, I believe, is the perfect blend of guidance, inspiration and encouragement for those who want to embark on a new creative journey. Commencing 5th September 2014, Dream. Discover. Do. will help you reveal your unique strengths, reconnect with your passions and believe in yourself enough to pursue the things you love.

Dream. Discover. Do. is an opportunity to connect with your creative self, develop your confidence and, ultimately, gain the motivation and momentum to make something happen. 

If giveaways aren't your thing Kate has offered Practising Simplicity readers a $50 discount by entering the code simplicity at checkout. 


The winner of this giveaway will win the Dream. Discover. Do. e-course, valued at $249. It commences 5th September 2014 and can be done from the comfort of your own home. To enter just leave a comment explaining why you need to do this course - tell us a bit about your dreams and what's holding you back. Kate and I will choose a winner based on the story that most resonates with us.

Comments close at 8pm on Wedneday 27th August and the winner will be announced shortly afterward. Open to international readers!

Comments closed. The winner is Iliska Dreams. Congratulations! I'll be in touch shortly. 


  1. Awesome! I am trying to get a business plan together and need a bit of a push.

  2. I followed my husband overseas two weeks after we married, so he could follow his dream to pursue a PhD in the USA. I left behind a job I liked and a city that resonated with me and tribe of much loved friends, but I left with a full heart and a spirit of adventure and a contentment never before felt about moving into a supporting role. Now, three years and one baby later, I am itching to dream our next chapter. My big love is nearing the end of his study and facing uncertainty, and my little love will be ready for pre-school in the next year. I want to envisage a new path, with more creativity and flexible work that will support our family. Please pick me Kate and Jodi!

  3. I got laid off in April, an unexpected event that kills the self esteem and confidence. It's been a struggle getting back to feeling myself at a new job where I'm wondering if it was all meant to be. While I embrace the new opportunity and job I obtained, my time off really showed me what my true passions are, and that sitting behind a desk is not my thing. Paying the bills is good, but can't there be fulfillment in both circumstances? It's been interesting testing my inner strength, and a constant struggle realizing what truly makes me happy (photography, blogging, and my creative self) Coaching myself through this is so hard, so regardless if I win or not, I'm interested in seeing what Kate has to offer. Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. This course sounds wonderful. My third child was born a few months ago and I have started to think how I can possibly return to the work place by the start of next year to help support our family. I would absolutely love to do a course in floristry but I don't know where to start with deciding on a course, or if we could afford for me to study and what I would do about childcare. I have caught a glimpse of my dream, I'm just struggling to know how to achieve it. Many thanks for the opportunity :)

  5. I'm 26 with three little ones and a husband who works constantly and is regularly gone from two weeks to 6 months at a time. It feels endless, and I miss my once carefree, loving, creative, anything is possible mindset. Currently we live in the middle of Europe, and I want to show my girls how beautiful life can really be. However, it is very hard being isolated and exhausted. I think this course just might be the light I've been looking for in the middle of a very dark storm. Thanks.

  6. That programs sounds lovely for my wish to embrace life and work on another side... with my 3 kids and a too much said sentecen" I have no time, I am working", that I hate to tell them... Thanks a lot :)

  7. This post has come at a good time. I have been wanting to embark on a home baking business for almost 2 years now. I have baked for friends and work colleagues, and run a market stall where my cookies and brownies were selling so quick I couldn't believe it. Friends at work have told me I should do it. The only thing holding me back is being scared of failure. Its me I have to work on. I think this course will help me overcome that fear and give me the confidence I need to get on and do it, and not overthink things all the time. Thanks. T x

  8. This course sounds wonderful. I am about to have another baby, right when I am sending all my older kids off to school and had expected to return to the workforce. Of course I (and the whole family) am/are excited about another baby, but I'm a little apprehensive about 'doing it all again' and feeling like I will completely lose myself to the point of no recovery. I've been blogging as a creative outlet a few years, but I still feel pretty lost and in need of that extra something for just me. This course sounds perfect.

  9. This course comes at the perfect time for me, lately I feel like I have been floundering a bit which has been pronounced by so many lovely people in my life finding their path. We have an almost 2 year old and another on the way and the stress of raising a special needs little one has taken the winds out of my sails a bit. I feel like I need to regain my adventurous, grab life by the horns spirit and find my path in the most of this new world of mine.

  10. I didn't know weaning my baby would throw me into a bout of hormone induced depression. I had previously weaned three babies, and actually felt better after those experiences. I didn't really want to wean her, but she was getting old enough and I was getting exhausted. It was time.

    The combination of her sad pleading eyes, me not really wanting to wean deep down in my heart, and the hormone change, sent me into postpartum depression. I was not myself at all. Once I realized what was happening, I hurried up the weaning process, and began to slowly feel better.

    That was a few months ago now. But I still have lasting effects. I want to sleep in every morning. I am not as motivated. The dishes pile. The girls hair needs to be combed. The clothes rarely get pressed. ...I want to feel like my old energetic self. Some days I am myself, and other days I drag. My kids need their old Mom back. And so does my husband. If only I could find a way to get back to 100% (me)!

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  12. Dear Jodie and Kate

    I would really, really love to have a chance to do this course. I am now 31 (32 in a few months) and at a point where I really want to get my life on track to what I want to pursue, and fulfil my potential as I know I can.

    For the past 7 years I have been a carer and still am. My dad had a car accident and I was just out of my Master's Degree at uni. I did a degree in English Lit - I am passionate about writing and had anticipating following this further. But in 2007, my world got turned inside out, spun around and gutted in every way possible. All of a sudden I was in the driver's seat - quite literally as I had just passed my test and had zero experience - and there I was making to and fro trips to doctors, hospitals etc, as well as looking after the rest of my family. On top of that, suddenly being the sole breadwinner and finding myself trying to overcome a mountain of debt that I didn't know my father had - while being an inexperienced graduate - it was tough, to say the least.

    The 7 years have been very, very hard for me. Writing this and remembering them right now brings tears to my eyes. There were many, many times where I was on the cusp of giving up. I started self-harming - which was difficult and shameful, especially as in my younger years I had been the ones to support my friends out of their own darker times.

    I discovered yoga, which was a life saver. I think I found your blog around then too, and I have loved reading your own writing on yoga and life. But then, with finances so excruciatingly tight, I had to give up classes and though I tried to keep up practicing at home, life just got in the way.

    At the start of this year, things became very, very dark for me yet again. I had managed to ease my way out of self-harm for 3ish years, but something happened, and the dam just burst. For a while, it was a very dark period - and I was concerned that things would escalate beyond 'mere' self-harm.

    But thankfully. Here we are.

    The 7 years were a serious learning period. I learnt to embrace and nurture my strengths - I did have some after all! And in a pleasant twist of irony, my inability to work to a normal 9-5 routine meant that freelancing as a writer has been a productive avenue. What saved me earlier this year from falling deeper into a darker place was a fortuitous freelancing job that took me to sunny Montpellier in France. I'm now trying to focus more on writing - both pursuing my freelancing and developing more creative projects. I found a new yoga studio and decided the monthly fee was worth it for my sanity.

    I would really value the chance to do this course because I'm now at a point where I feel I've come through the worst of the storm and am starting to make positive changes. To have some structure and guidance to do this would be fantastic.


  13. Reading the e-course content brings tears to my eyes. This is what I need. I feel good and excited just reading the summary of the course!

    I want to reconnect with my creative self. I want to go back to writing and i need help to make it public. To accept and value who i am and how i write. To go and meet people and bring people together too as it is something i enjoy and long for.

    I was ready for this leap almost 2 years ago and then i took another leap as i discovered i was pregnant. I am now the mother of a 14 months old child. I am ready to go back to Not "just me" as i was going to write but "ME"!

    I know i can do it. And I so wish i could grab a helping hand on sept. 5th.

    Thank you Jodie for this chance to win an e-course with Kate.

  14. This is so great!!
    I am the mother of a 2 year old and the wife of a writer. In the fall, we will be moving to a ranch as part of my husband's fellowship where he can write with no distractions. I am planning on our time in the brush to be a time of getting to know what makes our little family happy and to re-connect with ourselves and nature so that we are ready to move forward strongly and in the right direction when the fellowship ends. As my daughter becomes more independent and I feel comfortable leaving her for more stretches during the day, I am aching to pursue my own creative endeavors. I am passionate about helping others through nutrition, the mind body connection, and good old fashioned love but I haven't been able to trust myself enough to pursue these dreams. I get stuck in the "choices" world, and don't know where to start! I want to be the happiest version of my self and make choices that benefit myself, my husband and my child. thank you so much for this opportunity, it is a beautiful course.

  15. This course sounds amazing. My dream is to believe in myself. To believe I can do what I want. Which is enlarge my blog and open a handmade online shop. I need to learn to put myself first and prioritize my shop. Instead of vacuuming I need to allow myself to sit and sew. Instead of cleaning the shower, I need to be cutting and experimenting with patterns. Instead of the voice of doubt that haunts me, I need to believe I can. Or at the very least try


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