Monday, March 03, 2014


Mothers share a language that is both honest and heartfelt. We are fierce - protective and courageous. But there is no denying that in this age we are challenged; by racing time and fleeting childhood. Wholehearted is a series of moments captured by mothers. We are women inspired to be in the present. This is our everyday; authentic family life brimming with joy, mess and love.

I'm delighted to share Wholehearted - a journal with you. Launching today, it is a celebration of motherhood - and the vulnerability, contentment, doubt and happiness that naturally comes with this role. In a seemingly perfect online world we want to bring to light the imperfect (a challenge for each of us as we admit - we're idealists). It's about being wholesome and true, exposing our faults and recognising the good. We're doing it for ourselves, for each other and for you - the mother who will hopefully resonate with our photos and our words. 

Every week we'll each post a photo that captures a moment of our days. It may be a quiet home scene, a portrait of siblings, a still life of washing, a heartwarming embrace. 

I'm proud of this venture and feel humbled to have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with six women who I admire and respect. Thank youTamara, Claire, Lou, Kate, Amelia and Ali...

...and you, if you would like to be involved just pop over here and complete a submissions form. 

*note that the first image above is a cup of coffee. Priorities!


  1. This is such a wonderful, beautiful idea and I am looking forward to watching it unfold!

  2. you're all incredibly inspiring with pictures that are always so real, I'm really looking forward to following this journey x

  3. What an amazing collaboration this is going to be!
    Rhi xx

  4. Love this and can't wait to see more. Already tagged a photo on Instagram. :)

  5. I'm very excited about this collaboration. Beautiful women, beautiful photography. xx

  6. I love this! LOVE! I'll be participating for certain.

  7. What a beautiful collaboration. Congratulations Jodi!

  8. What a beautiful sentiment, I always think how clever you are at putting your thoughts into words. kx


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