Monday, March 10, 2014

wearing : lilya

this is a sponsored post / photos by luisa brimble

I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to clothes, so much so that over the years I've become quite disinterested in shopping. More often than not I find something I like but the designer has gone one step too far; how I wish they would forgo fuss and embrace simplicity. This is almost always the case when it comes to dresses - it's really hard to find something that's just right. So you can imagine my delight when Lilya recently sent me the Pyramid Dress - French-inspired and oh so chic, its classic cut, elegant neckline and sleeves and flattering skirt pleases me to no end. This number can be worn with flats or heels, sandals or boots - it's trans-seasonal and timeless and will be in my wardrobe for a long while. For something similar I also love the Spiritus Dress - can't go past a good stripe. 

I also wear black ballet flats from bloch / earrings c/o Christina Lowry / vintage bag + bracelet / watch c/o The Horse / toddler grown by me. 


  1. It's perfection! I've had my eye on this one as well as the labyrinth top. Such gorgeous and timeless pieces, they suit you so well. Hope your week is a lovely one :) xx

  2. Looks great on you! :-)

  3. I can never find the exact thing I want to wear, I have become very fussy over the years, so I make them myself. However, this is a lovely dress that I would be tempted to buy.

  4. Very sweet indeed. Love the toddler grown by you too. :)

  5. Lovely outfit.
    And the photo shoot for the current Lilya collection... Amazing. I have been coveting some of their pieces since I saw Nirrimi's work on her blog. How talented is that lady!

  6. yep that looks timelessly elegant! xx

  7. Lovely dress :)
    I have a dress similar to your dress, that has been in my wardrobe for years.
    It's a simple style that I liked. I think the hem line longer on mine.


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