Tuesday, January 21, 2014

wearing : bohemian traders

My friend Em recently opened a little online store that stocks all things bespoke, bohemian and fair-trade from India. Bohemian Traders is brimming with colour and block-printed pattern; ideal for those who like to seamlessly blend beauty and practicality.

A few years ago I spent time living in an ashram and poppy pants, light cotton tops and scarves quickly became my uniform. I revisited this incredibly comfortable wardrobe when we were in Bali and I must admit, it works particularly well with motherhood. Loose fitting cotton voile pants are best worn slightly high on the waist with a simple, classic top - flowy enough for yoga, pretty enough for a cafe date, they're even light enough to fall asleep in (I speak from experience).

I wear: vintage cotton top / poppy pants (I'm also loving this skirt) / flower child scarf / watch c/o the horse

Photos by Luisa Brimble. You can see more of my home over at Em's The Family Home Project, which should come with a disclaimer regarding the fact that my house looks that clean about once a year...


  1. Gorgeous, Jodi - love the clothes in Em's store! x

  2. Loving all of Em's new line! It's making me so excited for summer : )

  3. Beautiful! I've been living in my Freedom skirt.

  4. Hoe lovely that you are each writing about your lovely friend today.
    I really like the beautiful scarf, so much so that I've just ordered one for myself.

  5. Love this scarf, looks stunning on you xx

  6. Soooo nice to see glimpses of your home, Jodi.
    Ronnie xo

  7. Gorgeous images Jodi! Love the glimpses of your house :) And I admit I love Indian style Bohemian clothing x

    Ritz x

  8. what a beautiful store. gorgeous images! lovely light and colour.

  9. Hi Jodie, lovely serene pictures, love your sense of style, you evoke a carefree and calm energy :-) can I ask, the print in Poets bedroom of a mama wearing a baby in a sling....is that drawn from a photo of you and Poet or was that a print you happened to come across? Its gorgeous x

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The mama + baby was a custom portrait by Rebekka Seale - one I'll cherish forever. You can see it here - http://www.practisingsimplicity.com/2012/08/sakura-bloom-sling-diaries-history.html x

  10. It's so neat to see your face and to recognize so much of Poet in you! Or is it the other way around. . .? c;

  11. Jodi, I've stopped by again because I just have to tell you how much I love your hair!! You look so chic - it suits you perfectly. I vowed I would never ever cut mine again, but now you have me umm-ing and aaa-ing ;)

  12. I wish there was a coupon code! I am just loving the looks of that weekend dress.


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