Wednesday, December 11, 2013

haiku winners and gift suggestions

bursting with excitement for the "Chriiiiimas Holllllldays"

...otherwise known as a very random Christmas-themed post. 

Firstly, haikus. Let's just say that you're an eloquent and rather poetic bunch. I loved reading through all the giveaway entries and I must admit, those three-line poems really did spark the Christmas spirit within. A few of my favourites included:

#8 - jobungalow
We put our heart in
To the gifts that we create.
Thanks! With love from us

Celebrate the King
born - a silent, wordless babe
the good news for all.

#48 - Olivia
She asked for beauty
"Be that beauty," they whispered
and her wish came true

#91 - Rachel 
Pavlova lusting
leaves jolly hips less trusting
Rudolph is amused

A red dust toddler
Only sees 'beach' in a book
Get excited, little one

But the contributors were unanimous with their votes and the two very deserving winners are:

Eucalypt and pine
hot music of cicadas,
I'm full to the brim.

#21 - samantha
Sounds of their laughter
echo through our sunlit home
Now, the house is warm.


I've ummed and ahhhed about creating a Christmas gift guide and with all my procrastinating I've realised that it's only two weeks till Christmas and time is, most definitely, running out. 

Breathe. It all becomes a little too much at times, doesn't it?!

A lovely design featuring beautiful products was out of my reach so I have simply listed some gift suggestions below. There are products that I've purchased for the children this year as well as gifts that they've been given in the past (and some that I've added to my list of "maybe, one day, I'll keep it in mind"). You'll notice that many of the links go to my sponsors but this is, in no way, a sponsored post. 

Without further ado...
...and now it's cup of tea time!

I hope you find this list helpful. Tell me, what are your children getting for Christmas?


  1. Hi Jodi, I am interested to know what is on your wish list too! :-)

    1. I just got a camera so I'm not wanting for much! Although I know my mum has bought me the book 'Rethink the way you live" and Daniel always gets me a little surprise or two. I also asked for this calendar, thought it would be a handy addition to the blackboard wall in the kitchen - x

  2. Loved this post Jodi. Sage is getting a trampoline as her main gift ($50 second-hand) as she ADORES jumping everywhere at the moment, rather than walking - as you do! She's also getting some new clothes from Purebaby, "Kissed by the Moon" by Alison Lester, a Country Road bag and a Le Toy Van playset (still trying to decide if it's too old for her yet). I'm on the hunt for a watercolour paint palette (probably Stockmar), some new bathers and summer jammies. Mumma's 5D Mark III arrives as her early Christmas present to herself this week (YAY!). Hope your festive season is a joyful one xx

    P.S. I think Poe looks a lot like Olive in this shot, don't you think?

    1. Trampolining is the best exercise - my naturopath recommended it for clearing the lymph nodes of waste! Sounds like Sage is going to have a lovely Christmas. The Stockmar watercolours are lovely but if you want some that are a little cheaper then go with the Micador ones - we love them at they're only $13.

      Dear Olive's Olive? x

  3. Oh everyone seems to be getting the 5D mk III for Christmas! I'm still saving for it! I love your suggestions

  4. Beautiful winning haikus! Just stunning. :)

    I quite like your Christmas pressies too. My girls are getting new outfits, pop-up versions of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz (a handful of other books too - we love books over here) :) We are still undecided about their share gifts - they are getting a box of Lego to share but we are also considering either a swingset, a slide or a trampoline...

  5. Ooo! I love to see what others are getting for Christmas. Thanks for putting this list together! I love all the dressing up things and that little purse! I want one for myself! My daughter, Cecily, is getting a set of Little People, a Little People flower shop to put them in, a beautiful doll (this was an impulsive extra that I couldn't resist; she was just going to get the Little People), and some fun stocking odds and ends (a hand puppet, a wooden musical instrument, a ball, etc). It's so much fun finding presents to give her. I can't wait to see her sweet face on Christmas morning. :)

  6. Gorgeous suggestions!
    I have been trying to embrace some of the simplicity of gift giving you employ this year. For my daughter we have got a box of lego, a world globe with animals on it, a handful of books (love giving books but we have been borrowing stacks from the library lately too and she is really enjoying choosing her own), and a bunch of toys like My Little Pony etc. I have also bought her a new handmade artwork with a Zebra on it for her room. She is getting a bike from my parents. Oh, I have also bought a few of bits and pieces like some new sand toys, a couple of games and puzzles.
    For other children (nieces, nephews and friends) I have bought lots of books and the odd toy. I will also be hand making a few fabric dolls.
    I hope your Christmas is absolutely magical!

  7. Congratulations to the winners! What beautiful words.

    Thanks for the Micador recommendation. I'll have to pop in an grab some to update the art cupboard.

  8. SO pleased to hear you are keen on our bamboo tees Jodi! How cute they are called the softest t shirts in the world! xx Tani from

  9. Hi Jodi! Firstly - I'm totally with you on Kissed by the Moon, what a stunning book - and the silhouette of my favourite place Wilson's Prom is in the background. I've bought it for all our baby friends.
    Secondly - Micador, yes! The crayons are great, just right!
    And lastly - Gus is getting a couple of Schleich toys, a lion headband for dressing up, a Playschool CD, a digger book, a harmonica and a cape and mask that I made. Actually I just did a post on it:
    I've tried to be super restrained but it's still a little more than I thought!

  10. I love all the haikus - but the winning two are definitely my faves! What a talented bunch your readers are Jodi! xx

  11. bought o-o some rather fab felt wings on etsy so he can be an owl/phoenix/bat/eagle/angel.
    he came home on friday with his christmas list, written at school; baby jesus book (he's quite into a heady mix of paganism, christianity and hinduism at the moment but baby jesus is a favourite after the nativity play), playdough and a piano!


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