Friday, August 16, 2013

simple - good - free

The past few days have been abundant with almost-spring sunshine and homegrown gifts, including:

/ a bountiful bunch of greens from Popa's garden (our fresh juices are monster green!)

/ lemons from a backyard tree, delivered in a paper bag

/ wild freesias. I am pushing the definition of "gift" here as I may have ran into a neighbour's garden and picked as many flowers as I could before they opened their blinds and demanded I get off their property

/ nasturtiums; from Mama's garden

/ eggs, from the chooks that Poet likes to chase. Yolks imbued with herbs, an entire meal within an ivory shell

/ a bag of mandarins left on the front doorstep. I'm still unsure who or where they came from but I'm grateful all the same

What's growing in your (or your neighbour's) garden? 

Happy weekend!


  1. Well you know what's growing in mine! ;)

    ahaha xxx

  2. That bunch of greens is the prettiest bouquet I've ever seen :-)

  3. I can never go past freesias. Although I'd probably draw the line at jumping the fence, if they are wild and free on the verge I like to think we can all help ourselves. God, I love homegrown produce. We have oranges and rosemary going but not much else. It really does seem to be the thing I just don't have time for. And my lemon tree hates me. x

  4. We stumbled upon a bush lemon tree the other day and loaded up a gigantic basket of them! I will have to attend to them soon but they look so beautiful in the wicker basket. What lovely, generous souls you have in your world. WIshing you a beautiful weekend too. :) x
    P.S. Great minds I tell you! Only half an hour ago I took a similar photo to your mandy shot but with our lemons. Even a similar bowl!! x

  5. I love that freesia story.
    We're growing our very first jalepeno pepper (actually it belongs to the resident 7-year-old) There's only one so far. I don't know what we'll make from it, but he is very excited about it.

  6. Ohhh I too have been known to steal *prune* freesias from neighbour's lawns... sigh, nothing like the first of spring's freesias! Lovely gifts, nourishing for the body too!

  7. We went for a cycle today and while stopping to fix a slipped chain I picked a wild freesia and the smell.... It was SO good!

  8. What special gifts, homegrown or handmade are the best. I'm growing, broadbeans, blueberries, strawberries (now over), apples (soon to be picked), chard, sweet peas, roses, cosmos, courgettes, and 1 squash. A small garden, but a lot packed in. xx

  9. Those leafy greens look delightful! we're in the midst of growing a 'Salad Garden'... Everything we'll need for the coming summer months for crunchy, munchy side salads for our lunches and dinner.

  10. I've been craving freesia smell.
    I can't seem to find any anywhere.
    I'm even happy to pay for a bunch.
    Ahhh that smell.....
    Happy weekend.

  11. Freesias are popping up all around my garden, that's how i know spring is on it's way. I also have broccoli, bok choy, spinach & lettuce growing in my vege patch.

  12. Lovely! Growing one's own food, or sharing with the neighbors, is always a wonderful blessing. I just posted about our garden today as well! It must be a garden day. :)

    We have tomatoes, green beans, and the corn is almost ready!

  13. I just love the beauty of home grown goods!


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