Wednesday, December 05, 2012

quince clothing : artistic collaboration

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Two years ago, when Daniel and I took that leap of faith, we had hopes of working together on creative projects. Whilst I am a dreamer, and a good one at that, there was a small part of me that really questioned the possibility of such an endeavour.

Taking risks makes my heart beat a little faster; but then I get to experience the beautiful work that is collaboration and it all makes perfect sense. Earlier this year Daniel shot this short film for Quince Clothing. Come January he will be making another and I'll be alongside him with my camera, taking photos for the 2013/14 children's summer range. 

Jodie, owner and designer of Quince Clothing, is an inspiring woman. Mother of four children - Ella, 17, Augusta, 9, Solomon, 7 and Celeste, 2 - she and her English husband became insta-parents five years ago. All-of-a-sudden she was attempting to navigate the child/tween clothing dilemma, looking for quality fabrics and beautiful prints but not finding anything that was just so.

She started making clothes but soon realised that she thrived on designing them - Quince was conceived from a wonderful blend of necessity and passion. The family-run company is based in Sydney and has stockists dotted around the globe. Inspired by fabulous pattern and determined to create clothing that is both beautiful and durable, the range (size 0-16) is fun and contemporary. 

Augusta, Solomon and Celeste are the faces of Quince, real-life inspiration they help choose fabrics and model every range. Jodie admits that whilst the lollipop-payment is losing currency, she takes their suggestions on board and often integrates them into the design. 

Right now Jodie is juggling the demands of motherhood and Quince, harbouring dreams for a new maternity collection and hoping to make a tree-change with her family. Whilst early mornings and late nights are her norm, she is embracing the fun of it all (and looking forward to a festive break).

The current summer collection is inspired by salt air and classic sea motifs; perfect for the Australian summer. Quince is offering Che & Fidel readers 20% off full-priced stock with the code: CHE. 


  1. That video was so much fun to watch! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't done much creative collaboration in my life until recently and I've really found it to be quite rewarding. There seems to be this fantastic domino effect of goodness and creativity that comes from it all. Good look with your future collaboration. I can't wait to check it out!

    1. The domino effect is very real in the creative arts, it's really inspiring to be involved x

  2. That is just gorgeous - the kids and the vid! i love the corrugated iron backdrop. Good luck with the collaboration/s, sounds pretty much perfect.

  3. What an inspiration! It encourages me to see people's dreams become a reality!

  4. To see the world like that is a gift! Your man is very talented. What a lovely video, beautiful family story (yours and theirs) and such lovely little people things. I think Bijou needs a sail boat jumpsuit for Christmas don't you?! ;)
    Wishing you a happy and not too hot Wednesday arvo. x x

    1. the boat print is quite nostalgic, isn't it. Perfect for sweet Bijou x

  5. How very lovely :) They have such lovely clothing! You deserve all of the success that you are enjoying right now Jodi :)
    Can't wait to see the photos!
    Ellen xx

  6. Ooh I understand those early mornings and late nights! Juggle, juggle :)


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