Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We had such a wonderful day celebrating Che's first year. He was oh so happy and playful, laughing and giggling and dancing away. And yes I look at him now and see a one-year-old. He pulls tight around my neck when I cuddle him now, he blows kisses into the air and laughs into his belly. And all that has happened in last few days. It has been beautiful to watch him play with his birthday gifts and laugh with all his birthday well-wishers who came to visit for cake. I'm so proud to be his Muma.

I enjoyed organising his little party and wrapping his presents...but it was the opportunity to reflect on and remember the past year that really made my day. I created a little birthday table for him last week. And as I placed each momento on the table I came to understand how precious a child's birthday is for a parent. His blessing bracelet, his hospital band, the candle my mum lit at my blessingway and the same candle I lit during my labour, the mala beads he wore at his naming day and the necklace and pendant blessed by a Sage in Bhutan and given to him by his Ommi. Gentle reminders of his many blessings. And a firm reminder that he has and continues to enrich our every day.

Amidst the cake and the giggles there were lots of beautiful presents to unwrap and we all adore them. Especially this wonderful handmade homemade "Che Che train" from Che's newest little friend, Lilly. Thanks Lilly, it will be treasured forever. x

For me, birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning.


  1. Congratulations to you as well Jodi! Your first year as a Mum - such an achievement and such a precious time... love the momento table also.

  2. happy birthday, little one. Wow, what a great train, lucky boy!

  3. Che Che Train - how adorable. Another beautiful post!

  4. This post made my heart ache in such a bitter sweet way...XXxx

  5. Happy birthday to your little boy. I love the Che Che train too and I know my son would adore one just like that as well.

  6. Happy First to you all! it really is so special for the parents, that first one. Che's birthday table is so lovely.

  7. What a beautiful birthday celebration. I'm a bit late ... but happy birthday to Che.

  8. I read this a few days ago and just realised I hadn't commented! So sorry.

    Looks like such a great day. Love the cake, love the photos of your beaming boy.

    Birthdays are such wonderful reminders.

    Happy Birthday Che!


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