Tuesday, September 30, 2008

birthday boy

So special. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

Is there anything better than unwrapping presents in bed? Paper and ribbon flying everywhere, so much excitement...perhaps a little overwhelming. How cute does he look in his little red caboose Birthday crown?! There is so much to celebrate and so much to reflect on. A year of new life and a whole bundle of firsts. And today, for me, it's time to contemplate how life has changed because of this little man. It is, after all, a birth-day.


  1. Oh,look at you birthday boy, prince for the day!
    What a lovely day we all had at your party on sunday!So looking forward to seeing you this avo for a peice of b'day cake and a cuddle.
    Love you, mama xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos Jodi. Hugo has one of Ella's crowns but he won't wear it- not even for a quick photo.

    I hope you have a marvelous day with plenty of cake.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments too. x

  3. To the cutest and best ever birthday boy......
    Happy, happy birthday Che from our hearts to yours with lots of kisses, hugs and Aums
    Love Ommi, D'orr and Aunty Caitlin.XXXXX

  4. They are such gorgeous photos - happy birthday to your little one. Have a beautiful day.

  5. love the crown!!! simply adorable...he has the most beautiful eyes!!! Thanks for the tag..your the first one I have had.shall get to it soon!!


  6. Happy Birthday sweet boy..this melts my heart. xxoo

  7. Congratulations Little Prince!
    And to you too Mumma, you made it through the first year!
    We've been very busy lately & I regret not having more time to read you...maybe things will slow down soon...XXxx

  8. best birthday wishes for your little guy! the photos are gorgeous and the party looked like so much fun.

  9. Happy birthday cute little Che! My little "baby" boy is one in a week - its a special time. The year has gone too quick! I read your blog often - its lovely. Tania

  10. Happy happy birthday! and well done to you. I'm sure the year ahead will be just as amazing. Thanks for the tag- will do soon.

  11. omg so cute!! i love him in his crown. xoxo.


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