Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I'm wondering how long I can use the excuse that we've just moved house to explain the boxes piled precariously beside the backdoor and the bookshelf that still looks haphazard and a bit that'll do. Asking the estate agent if we can hang pictures on the wall feels demoralising; like it's not our house at all. And then I remember that it isn't.


It took me three weeks of driving in and out of our street to notice the liquid amber one house down. It's been there for years, by the look of it, on an odd section of sidewalk between one neighbour's garage and a big fence. It feels like a small plot of vacant land so I've been taking the kids there. Crunchy leaves, they call them.


Sometimes I wonder if, in five year's time, I'll still be making spaghetti bolognese on a Monday night.


There is something innately satisfying when I look up from what I'm doing and catch a glimpse of the washing on the line, drying from sun and fresh, salt air. Come late afternoon I watch as shadow makes its way across the lawn and I rush out to bring the clothes in before they're all out of light. If I leave it too late they go in the dryer and if they go in the dryer they won't make it to the wardrobe for another three days. Maybe more.


The only way to have a calm, no-shouty morning is to get up early. I've tried every other alternative and nothing comes close to the relaxed pace of knowing I have an extra hour up my sleeve. But waking to an alarm after waking through the night with a baby is hard, especially when it's cold. I suppose there is porridge to go to, silence to bask in, the promise of solitude. Filling my cup before the sun is up.


Yesterday evening we had drama classes and this afternoon we have dance. I have reached the next phase of motherhood which involves afternoon activities and waiting in the car. I am getting a good sense of what my future as a "taxi" driver might involve. I admit, it's not my favourite part of motherhood but it does have its benefits, especially when a sleeping baby, tea in a travel mug and a book magically unite. It's moments like these that I recall Soulemama's posts about knitting in the car or setting up a picnic with the little ones while the older kids dance and sing and act. The juggle of children at various ages and stages requires guidance from those that have walked the path before.


  1. Ahhh...the dryer dilemma. I do have to say my least favourite thing about winter is the damp-at-4:30pm thing...

  2. I just took some stuff off the line that still isn't dry two days later. Yay melbourne.

  3. Ahhh what a great post! I have been contemplating getting up an hour early for quite sometime too now. But phew with a baby that nurses all through the night (and seems to wake the second I'm not snuggled up right beside her) and a pre-schooler that is often up bright and perky at 530am, I'm just not sure my weary self can go without any more sleep! Also, pasta Mondays! We have them too and I can't see them going anywhere any time soon ;).

  4. I get my quiet time at night when the baby is asleep and I like the idea of the picnic as well. We want three children but cannot imagine what that will be like since we only have one so far.

  5. I have learnt over the years with 5 children to always keep something good to read in the car and a wee basket of toys for entertaining toddlers who might wake before a class has finished

  6. Your words and photos are so peaceful, I literally cannot imagine you driving a car, much less waiting in a car line. It just doesn't flow with the mood over here :)


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