Monday, April 25, 2016

moving on

This post is brought to you from a house almost-packed-up. We're sneezing a little more frequently than usual (I'm inhaling eucalyptus and peppermint and eating extra garlic to make sure the dust doesn't trigger any sinus reaction) but in-between the sorting and packing and decluttering we're still finding time to keep it light hearted.  

Until last night. Last night really wasn't fun.

It began with Poet sneakily drinking a little too much of my fermented ginger beer. I could hear her tummy gurgling all afternoon so when she woke at 10pm complaining of a sore belly I grabbed the bucket and some towels (not yet packed!) and hoped it wasn't going to be an all night affair. Thankfully she made it to the bathroom each time but still....on four different occasions there was gentle encouragement, fastidious hand washing and back rubbing once back in bed. 

Accompanying the soundtrack of vomiting was the yelling and screaming and thumping of our next door neighbours who like to host parties every few weeks. Suburbia really can be charming, can't it. Last night was definitely loud and they were still going strong at 2am. Mere minutes after I had put Poet back to bed for the fourth time I lay down on my pillow, attempting to focus on my breath and not Highway to Hell, when all of a sudden the window behind the bed was smashed and I jumped up to find big pieces of glass on my bedside table and shards all over my pillow. 

Yes, a party goer thought it would be a great idea to hurl a candle holder towards our house and straight through the bedroom window. 

Daniel was seething, I was shaken and the neighbours were equally mortified and apologetic. Stupid, stupid boys.

We were just so lucky that no-one was injured (Percy was right next to me in the bed)...It could have been a very different story. I ended up calling the police and making a formal statement (at 4am, in my pyjamas) because if it prevents it happening again, then it was worth it.

Needless to say it was a sleepless night and when Poet bounced into bed with me at 6am declaring "I'm all better except for one little bit of sick left," I begrudgingly got up and had tea with toast and jam - two servings before 7am.

Daniel and I are so relieved that we're moving on. This little house has been beautiful - light-filled and warm and enveloped in salt air (sometimes it's so strong that it feels like you've dunked your head in a steam bath). But it's also quite exposed, the ruffians that pull up to the park nearby at night are unsettling and, well, the neighbours leave much to be desired.

It's time to move on. We're ready and rearing to go.

ps. the new neighbours are retired and keen to share a beer once a week. Suits us!


  1. That would have been so scary and a candle holder could have done some serious damage if it hit you or percy in the head. Glad you called the police to have it on record particularly for the landlord insurance for the window alone. Once you have found your place it's a relief and you normally just want to be gone and moved into the next place. Also finally I have I've ordered my photo book for 2015 year of 52 project and it's shipped and I should have it this week...soooo excited. Then I'll pop the 2014 ones into a book in the next month. Good luck with the move...remember make beds, have coffee ready, get take away go to bed...........everything else can be done on day 2.

  2. Oh, this sounds just awful. I'm so glad to hear everyone is safe. And I'm glad to hear that you're on to a new, happy place.

  3. Glad you are all safe! What a bad experience!! Now I bet you are more then ready to start a new adventure in your new house... I can't wait to see the pictures and to see how your life continue there...!

  4. Oh neighbours! They come in all shapes and sizes - grateful no one was hurt. Good luck with the move, always unsettling but nothing like a rubbish night to make you feel ready :) xox

  5. What a night and another reason you will be o glad to get this move done and dusted.

  6. What a night and another reason you will be o glad to get this move done and dusted.

  7. I hope you're settling in well and slowly introducing yourself to each new room. Take your time, relax and enjoy the early days as a family in your new home.

    PS I'm relieved that you survived the broken window unscathed. Bravo for making the Police statement. I hope it has a ripple effect for the positive.

    Love and light,

    Bella x

  8. Oh my goodness! Well if ever you needed a sign that moving is going to be a positive thing, there you have it!! I'm so glad none of you were hurt.

  9. Oh Jodi, I'm so relieved to read that none of you guys were hurt!!!
    Ronnie xo


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