Wednesday, March 09, 2016

today you are one


One year around the sun and here we are.

You arrived at 8:43am after a long few days of waiting and swaying and squatting and crying. This morning as I sung you happy birthday I remembered the relief - the deep, thank-goodness-you're-ok relief - when you finally lay on my chest, whimpering. You were so helpless in that moment, shaking and scared, but you calmed with kisses and touch and long strokes down your back.

One year later and you still don't venture far from my hip. You're the cuddly one, that's for sure. It may have taken you a few months to settle into this world but when you did you got brave. You took your first steps a few days ago, you'll climb onto every chair, table and windowsill and your adoration for your brother and sister is palpable.

Thanks for reminding me to slow down and just be with you.

Happy Birthday Percy Pippin xxx

if you're interested, Percy's birth story


  1. Oh!... One year... (already?)He is adorable. Happy birthday Percy & Jodi!

  2. Happy birthday Percy with his little Percy ;) So sweet.
    Photos of him always make me smile. He is adorable <3

  3. happy birthday, Percy! It's been so nice to see him grow - I've been following closely this past year; with a today brandnew one-year-old third child I was naturally curious how things are going elsewhere. And I have to say, I'm inspired and calmed through your writing. Thanks for all the energy you put into that, Jodi!


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