Friday, January 15, 2016

scenes : in summer storms

/ this girl, always picking flowers.

/ spotted on my morning walk. Does anyone know the name?

/ beach ready with new toys.

/ from below the frangipani tree, a stormy summer sky.

/ wabi sabi in action.

/ last light (and a onesie rashie or a rashie onesie)

/ sleepy mornings

I intend to cherish this weekend as come Monday, Poet returns to Montessori which means we're slowly easing back into the full-time school routine. I've been walking with Percy every morning - climbing hills to strengthen my hips and reduce the effects of hyper-flexibility....but since school mornings fast approach, I'm going to have to be out the door a little earlier. Gah! I loathe alarms.

See you here for 52 on Sunday x


  1. We call those a 'Butterfly bush'. Internet trawling suggests they are called "Gaura lindheimeri". I've just planted one in my garden :)

  2. these have to be my favourite little collection of photos by far, what a beautiful week

  3. These are truly lovely… thank you for bringing such soft textures, light and colours - with your own eye for spotting and framing them - into our Canadian winter.

    ps - there was a Gaura (or butterfly bush) on my balcony this summer. Delightful, too.

  4. Beautiful photos, so colourful! Its midwinter here in the UK and its so dark and miserable, I cannot wait for spring!

  5. I've been so inspired by your "scenes" series lately that I decided to make one of my own! If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:

  6. Hi there, Jodi. Long time reader who has recently started a yoga practice in earnest and I'm wondering what the negative effects of hyper-flexibility are? Why do you want to reduce this? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Hyper-flexibility around the hips can lead to less support in the pelvic, lower back etc. Combine this with 3 x pregnancies and close to 6 years of breastfeeding (relaxin stays in the body while breastfeeding) and I'm well on my way to having issues with pelvic, lower back, core and hips...unless I strengthen x


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