Friday, January 08, 2016

scenes : in the new year

/ wandering through Popa's garden in a delightful little outfit from Sweet Jane Petite.

/ whiling away rainy afternoons with puzzles.

/ the cheekiest, grubbiest little baby.

/ milky tea, gingerbread, coloured pencils and a new book - rainy day necessities.

/ the chooks in Mama and Popa's garden feast on herbs and grubs and vegies - you can imagine how good the eggs are! Also, my parent's rent out their little cabin on air bnb if you fancy a getaway on the Central Coast.

We're back to sun after four days of torrential rain. There's three loads of washing on the line and plenty more to go. But for now...a bit of a tidy up, it's looking a little tornado-like 'round here (thanks, Percy).


school holiday snacks
on my wishlist (have you read it?)
resolving to waste less
can't stop thinking about this home


  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful puzzle!
    Yes that was one of my favourite houses of last year. I must admit to watch that video so many times. Loved Erin's post too. A no waste kitchen is very high on my goals list this year, day by day we are getting there. And oh yes to Taproot. I read and reread them almost everyday, always finding something new, always nourishing my soul.
    Happy Friday lovely x

  2. I, too, love the puzzle - is it something we can buy? Your photos are so peaceful...thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my piece! Happy New Year!

  4. These are so beautiful! And what beautiful subjects!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Jodi. I pinned the bejesus out of that house on The Design Files you linked to! Such a beautiful home. Happy New Year! x


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