Friday, December 18, 2015

scenes : holidays have begun

/ willow and pink on my morning walk

/ decorations collected over the years, now hanging on the tree (that is looking a little worse for wear thanks to humidity and heat)

/ she's been playing with the fallen frangipanis all day

/ hibiscus has bloomed - summer is here

and also...

the first day
a good or bad creative/business move?
I just bought this (isn't it lovely!)
this arrived at just the right time
cleaning the soji way (also known as karma yoga)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. We're off to the beach for a walk and gelato.


  1. So gorgeous! I love those little moments of summer, escpecially Poet amongst the frangipanis. How great was that cleaning article, it really stuck with me when I read it earlier this week. I've practiced 'seva' on retreat and yet never thought to bring into my home. Certainly changed my approach to cleaning.


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