Friday, November 13, 2015

scenes : in yellow

/ golden yellow and attracting all the bees

/ early morning peek-a-boo

/ through the fence

/ more is more, apparently

/ my guess is that totally wonderful miss plumberry is a steiner teacher (this book is hard to come by but check your local library, it's a beautiful read)

and also...

percy's favourite lullaby
panda story - Australian-style
eerily beautiful
the modern, intentional family
overgrow the system
tuk tuk for poe
oh, memories that my my heart go...thumpity, thumpity

Happy weekend!


  1. We love a bit of Matt Corby in this house (and car). Beautiful images as always Jodi x

  2. Waaaw! So beautiful!

  3. Hi Jodi, Simply gorgeous as always! I'd love to know if you've ever written about your fave places to shop for children's clothes? I've currently got two items sitting in the cart thanks to your link to haveli :)

    1. I haven't no, but many of them are featured on the sidebar >
      For baby basics and beautiful organic cotton wears go straight to Nature Baby
      For pretty dresses + smock tops you can't go past Fabrik and Printebebe
      Try Paul & Paula and June Baby Clothing for boy + girl clothes...
      If there's anything in particular you want just let me know x

    2. Thanks so much Jodi! Along with everything else on your blog, I always love what everyone is wearing! Yes, was particularly keen on where to start with pretty dresses, smocks etc. as my daughter is a similar age to Poet, so have already started checking out your suggestions. And am becoming more conscious of where I buy things, and really want to focus more on quality over quantity. Thanks again, your posts are always beautiful, thoughtful, and honest. A pleasure to read.


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