Friday, November 20, 2015

scenes : in a heatwave

/ I go on about socks in winter but come summer I'm vigilant about hats. This lovely one arrived in the mail from Acorn Kids.

/ the Christmas Bush has bloomed red; the festive season is officially here.

/ fallen gum branches beside the shed.

/ this little one loves the water.

/ early morning on the sand.

/ brush this curry plant with your skirt and you'll smell the heady scent for the rest of the day.

/ the lightest muslin dress for hot summer days.

/ California poppies. They make me happy.

We're escaping the heat at my parents' house today. Thank goodness for air-conditioning. There's a hot gusty wind blowing outside and the temp is hitting 40degree. Summer in Australia can be harsh.

and also...

I've been eyeing off these sustainable basics for a year now. International shipping for one week only.
Twenty years! Really?
Are you PNDA aware?
Stay connected (with each other) this Christmas.
wearing this everyday (and a hat, of course)
I'm all for waiting.
mythological motherhood - yes!
I really like this website

Stay cool, friends.


  1. Poet's dress! Where did you get that dress?

  2. beautiful images! we have been going through the most horrendous heat wave in South Africa + large parts are caught in a drought- so depressing + desperate.

  3. Oh my goodness - it's so odd to read of heat waves when we're in the grip of winter's icy-cold wind and rain here in Ireland! I wouldn't mind a little bit of sun right now!

  4. hem, it's not marigold you took a picture of but California poppies, great flowers that nothing can kill, not even frost

    1. Yes, thank you! I'll blame the heat for my silly mistake x

  5. Thanks so much for the "Mythological Motherhood" link. So true.

  6. Oh, I love love love these photos Jodi - just beautiful! x


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