Tuesday, June 16, 2015

taking stock

The sky is anything but blue today. I'm inside with one sick child (the one that doesn't have ear troubles is having ear troubles) and a slightly grizzly baby. Nothing is getting done on the housework front and I'm feeling less than inspired to get going on the multitude of things that await my attention. Hence it's the perfect day for taking stock. I'm:

making : milk
cooking : roast chook (will be soon, anyway)
drinking : tea 
reading : an alarming amount of emails
wanting : the sun to come out
playing : catch-up, it seems
deciding : whether or not to go for a walk 
wishing : for these winter bugs to be gone
enjoying : the ambiance of the fire
waiting : for the rain to stop
liking : the excuse to stay cosy indoors
wondering : about you, lovely reader, and hoping you're still enjoying this blog of mine
loving : that Daniel just landed a local (rare as hen's teeth) film contract
pondering : how life with three kids fits in with working-from-home
considering : a night in Sydney with Daniel and Percy while the big kids are on holiday with Mama + Popa
watching : the kookaburra on the letterbox (one of his favourite spots)
hoping : to make this kick-ass sore throat syrup 
marvelling : at the amount of wood we're going through
needing : to remind myself that winter is about slowness and stillness; hibernating to revive and renew 
smelling : eucalyptus oil (but not peppermint because apparently it reduces milk supply...?)
wearing : layers of cotton and wool (not cottonwool)
noticing : Percy's little legs are getting a wee bit chubby (my babies are always long and fine)
knowing : with a touch of sadness, that those sweet newborn days are well behind us
thinking : of all that is to come and then bringing myself back to now
sorting : always sorting...right now it's clothes and linen (I have too much linen, time to purge)
buying : only the necessary (and Poet's birthday gifts)
getting : reading for the witching hour(s)
disliking : bills - car rego, electricity and phone/internet all due in the same week!
opening : a new book but only making it through a few pages
giggling : at just how quickly the day goes by (and laughing at the fact that I sound just like my mother)
feeling : weary   
snacking : on mandarins and almonds
coveting : sleep
helping : Percy burp, rub-a-dub-dub on his back
hearing : him giggle when I do round-and-round-the-garden, like a teddy bear
looking : within

Thanks to Pip, for the taking stock list...always a great writing practise. 


  1. Oh my, It's so cold and gloomy today. I've been in bed most of the day feeling guilty for not being more productive while the children are with their grandparents. I might take stock too so I can pretend I've done something with my few hours of freedom. Something other than binging on chocolate and brie and watching movies, that is.

  2. Hi Jodi, lovely, calming thoughts and vibes from your blog as always. Since you are wondering...I still love your blog although I am guilty of not always commenting. Sending you some virtual good health and sunshine x

  3. Definitely still enjoying your blog (one of the few I still read on a regular basis). It's also one where I find myself constantly looking back through the archives (I wish you had a search button!) to re-read useful previous posts. x

  4. It is freezing over here in Auckland - and I rarely feel the cold! Hope you get your Sydney night away!

  5. Still enjoying your posts very much. Nice of you to wonder!

  6. A cold one here in Hobart too. We hid inside for most of the day.
    I didn't know about peppermint and breastfeeding! I'd better cease my before bed cup of peppermint tea. That could explain why my eleven week old is waking more often at night, or perhaps he's coming out of a wonder week.

  7. "wishing : for these winter bugs to be gone"
    Me too! I'm completely over it.

  8. A lovely list, made me smile!

  9. Your blog is probably my favourite. So many treasures and helpful life/family/home wisdoms, that as a new mum I really appreciate. I especially loved your recent post about your newest baby's birth. Your advice for sorting baby clothes & spring cleaning tips have also been revisited on more than one occasion recently. Thank you for sharing so beautifully. Tahnee, a fan

  10. Don't know how you work from home with three kids! Must be super mum

  11. making milk :) made me laugh! PS: I read your blog for a year or so, I absolutely love your words and your pictures. I do miss more frequent posts from you, but honestly, it's so reassuring to find people that keep their hearts on the right place like you do...

  12. I love reading your blog. Always such a calming vibe. Wish I could pull it through the internet to mellow out my life. It also tickles me to read of a fire and chill when I am sweating through the humidity in the northeast usa.

  13. Still love reading your blog: the only one I read regularly and the only one I really need to read.
    X Veronica, happy mamma of 3

  14. Thanks for the inspiration! I am about to take stock too, over on my own blog. And as an avid reader - I looooove your words and pictures. And look forward to them. X

  15. Love your blog! Again, like the others, it's one of three I continue to follow and I love the archives. You're doing a wonderful job. The winter rain has me at times both cosy and happy as well as gloomy and sad. Vitamin D supplements for me this winter. ps. I also love pip and her lists!

  16. What a fantastic list! And thanks for sharing my Throat Syrup :) Nicola x

  17. Oh thanks for the nudge Jodi; I just took stock on my blog too :)


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