Friday, December 19, 2014


I still have work to do before I'm officially on holidays but yesterday morning we woke and basked in the promise of six weeks without school. Come midday the word "bored" was being thrown about a bit and whilst there were a few squabbles that needed resolving, for the most part it was a good day. 

I enjoy the winding down that this time of year brings; the busyness that gives way to days without plans. Come Christmas Day I'm usually somewhat exhausted but it's a nice kind of sleepiness - a full bellied, mid-summer weariness that's cured by afternoon naps, long reading sessions and ocean swims. 

I have two weeks off work before I launch into a slightly mad eight weeks before baby arrives so I'm going to make the most of it. Our garden is thriving and although we only planted vegetable seedlings two weeks ago, it won't be long before I'm picking all that green for our summer plates. There's flowers too - so many bright, rambling blooms that require little work from me but provide such satisfaction. 

Yesterday, a package arrived from across the seas; the softest wrap for baby - a gift from me to him/her. I've been quite strict with buying for baby so when I saw this I knew it was the perfect blend of practicality and beauty; a heirloom piece that will be used every day. Four layers of unbleached cotton gauze finished with a crochet trim (found at one of my favourite boutiques, Willaby). I opened it after coming home from a midwife appointment where my intuition was confirmed; baby has turned and is now head down - I really can feel feet in my ribs! I know a few of you have asked for a post about baby essentials and yes, it is coming (although from a rather frugal perspective considering third-time around, I'm very well aware that you don't really need much at all).

Have a lovely day, friends. What are your plans? I'm writing (and making food for hungry children) but I think a bit of present wrapping may be in order (everything has been purchased but nothing has been wrapped).


  1. Nothing wrapped here, either. I considered doing it last night, and didn't get there. . .

  2. I don't typically comment, but I do enjoy your blog. Your philosphy is similar to mine and I enjoy seeing and reading about your thoughts on it all. Also, as I live in the U.S. (Seattle, WA), I'm so intrigued by the idea of Christmas in the summertime. I'm interested in reading more about how you "do" Christmas and what traditions are different due to the weather. Santa in board shorts? That's big in Hawaii, I hear. Tee hee. :)

    1. Well, if you live near the beach a swim on Christmas Day or Boxing Day (or both) is a must! Champagne breakfasts are popular and most households consider fresh prawns a Christmas staple. Some families will still do a hot Christmas lunch but most will also serve seafood and salads. Dessert almost always involves pavlova and/or trifle. It's find and festive in its own right but I always marvel at the magic of snow and darkness and warm fires x

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    1. I know! Love this little babe of mine x

  4. Lovely photos Jodi. As you are in mid summer, we are mid winter. Cosy nights and also lots of cooking. Wrapping mostly done but I am sure there will be something I have forgotten!
    You have reminded me of the feet in the ribs - how could I forget!?
    Enjoy your two weeks off x


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