Tuesday, November 18, 2014

right now

my desk sits perfectly in the entryway / wilting peonies make for pretty photos

Progress is slow around these parts and I'm accepting it for what it is. Despite the upheaval of moving house, I feel like this pregnancy has enveloped me in stillness and quiet. It's so similar to Che's pregnancy that I feel almost certain there's a baby boy growing within.

I'm carrying quite big this time around; high and out front my belly is attracting much attention from acquaintances. Over the past week more than ten people have enquired about my due date and they have all been perplexed when I informed them that baby will be born in March (not in the next fortnight, like they presumed). Pregnancy launches you into the public eye, doesn't it?! I have to remind myself that most people are well meaning (if a little ignorant, at times).

It's nice to know that for the next few months, regardless of how big my belly gets, I can spend my days close to home, balancing work and blogging and family life. Despite the onset of the busy season, I'm pretty happy to prioritise rest and quiet. I'll file it under "self-care".


  1. Pregnant or not, I think rest and self-care are important parts of the "busy season". Sounds perfect to me. This Advent, our goal is to be less busy. Advent, after all, is about the anticipation. It is not the house-keeping season, or the do-everything-now-season, it is the waiting, joyful season. I hope you get some of that this year - with family and friends bringing delight :)

  2. I'm also aiming quiet and rest for this season, even through I'm not pregnant! I think you're right, there's nothing like being pregnant that signs people can ask you a lot of silly questions... and talking maybe ok, but I found it very awkward with people touching my belly as it did happen when I was pregnant...
    Lovely photos for this post :)

  3. Here here! I find this pregnancy (also my third) to be quite similar to my first too. Only with my first, I ignored the desire for quite and calm and pushed through because I thought pregnancy wasn't supposed to slow me down etc, etc... Elephant ankles at the end made me reconsider many of my decisions! This time, I'm sure I'm carrying the same gender as my first too but I'm listening to the 'slow down' feeling and feel so much more centred! I guess I kind of have to slow down anyway, as I already have two children...maybe this third is my last...I want to savour it!

  4. I wish we could issue a global memo that comments and predictions regarding a women's size should just not be vocalized. I believe that the only kind and tactful comment about appearance that can be made to an expectant mother is along the lines of, "you look beautiful!/radiant/you're glowing!". The rest is just hurtful. Pregnant with my second a well-meaning acquaintance told me I looked like a 'little elephant'. That remark still stings almost 2 years later. Now 24 weeks along with my 3rd, if someone looks at my belly I can't help but inwardly cringe at what they might have to say. I guess I need a thicker skin.

  5. Such a great season you are in. Taking care of yourself is so important.

  6. Your home is looking beautiful.

    And I get the size comments too…and have gotten them for about the last twenty weeks!
    I know people mean well but I do get tired of smiling and laughing along and saying no, not twins!
    One surgeon that I work with always tells me that I look beautiful. I know beautiful is his code word for big but still…it is lovely hear that word!

    Enjoy the quiet of pregnancy.
    When I had my boy, I had a very active, almost volatile pregnancy.
    This time around I feel still and centred.
    I must say I prefer this pregnancy!

  7. I like your plan for the next months. Rest and quiet sounds beautifully nurturing xx

  8. What a gorgeous desk and chair! Enjoy the moments of rest when you can. Grace and Peace for the next few months.

  9. I know what you mean about wanting quiet and calm. We are mid-massive renovations and all the action doesn't sit well with me. I often find myself retreating to our room where things are relatively calm.

  10. Yes, everyone thinks they can exclaim about how big your belly is. "You're huge!" they say... I carried very big with all of my children. I always looked like I was carrying twins out there high and in front. Now, I look back with such fondness of being and looking pregnant for most of each pregnancy, no matter what the general pubic thought of it. What a special time. Your photos look so peaceful....makes me want to simplify once again...

  11. Oh, congratulations Jodi! I'm also pregnant with my third child, and I'm also due in March, so I love to read about your experiences as I'm going through the same stages...not the house moving part, though, which I would love to do but not right now. All the best, strength and joy for the challenges ahead :-)


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