Friday, November 07, 2014

gift guide : for the eco-conscious

Considered and well-meaning gifts for those who don't want their home filled with the superfluous. Indeed, there's a lot to be said for gifts with purpose; many of these items inspire and contribute to healthy, self-sufficient and conscious living.

1. Handcrafted by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh, this sari-inspired hessian basket is the ideal storage solution. 2. Frugavore* is a great resource for those who want to grow their own, buy local, waste nothing and eat well. 3. Carbon neutral 8x8 slim box photo frames - currently on sale! 4. A tempered glass reusable coffee cup*; the perfect gift for a caffeine addict. 5. The most beautifully scented lime and patchouli gift pack* as well as the peppermint and lime body scrub* make ideal gifts for those who love to use handmade, organic products on the body. 6. The ultimate French-made gardener's knife for green thumbs (one of the most well received gifts I've ever given my dad). 7. ...and for the gardener/cook, the very best vegetable brush*. 8. Sow n Sow's entire collection of seeds are great for gifts that need to be sent in the post. 9. The story of a French woman* who reduced her family's waste to a mere 1 litre a year! 10. Little beeswax candles in mini jam jars* - they look gorgeous on a dinner table or mantle.

*indicates items that are affiliate links 


  1. What a lovely selection ! I find the little candles in jam jar particularly adorable !

  2. Agree, those jam jar beeswax candles are so precious! Loving this lists. X

  3. Zero Waste Home is a great book-very thought provoking. I have been wanting to buy myself a copy of Frugavore-i'll have to drop a hint to hubby for a Christmas gift.

  4. So lovely - am loving these delicious gift guides (my credit card meanwhile, not so much). x


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