Friday, September 19, 2014

in other places

The school holidays have officially begun and we celebrated with fresh-out-of-the-oven banana bread. I'm trying not to think about the fact that there's only one school term left and then...Christmas. Goodness. Where's the "pause" button?

This week has been incredibly productive; I'm revelling in the opportunity to tick things of the list but I'm also wary of taking it slow. There's already significant pressure in my pelvis which, due to hyper-flexible hips, means I need to tuck my tailbone under, draw baby towards my spine and strengthen my tendons (not more sitting cross-legged). It's reminders like this that, in the midst of busyness, make me lie down for rest. And when I do lie down I'm treated to flutters; one of the best feelings in the world.

Sunday marks the spring equinox so it's official: Happy Spring! Plant some herbs, pick some daisies, try not to sneeze!

In other places (apologies for the recipe overload...I am pregnant):

the perfect curry for spring or autumn
the front cover of my book (post coming on how you can order)
project wild thing - hilarious and thought-provoking

PS. I've had a few requests for photography related posts. What would you like to know? So far, readers have told me they want to know the simple steps to conquering manual mode, how to compose a beautiful image, how to organise and store files and how to edit. Anything else?


  1. Thanks for the Project Wild Thing link. Wonderful. I am a Girl Guide leader. I know, and truly believe, in the power of the outdoors in building resilience, adventure, wonder, leadership, imagination, healthy bodies… I could go on. Have you read Last Child in the Wood? I must set up a book club around it. Outdoors. #getinit

  2. Oh my gosh I didn't even know you had a book coming out! Now I'm excited.

  3. lovely post, this spring weather is so uplifting!
    So excited for your book x

  4. Love the photo, love the cover if your book, loved the video about the outdoors. I would love to see (if they are in progress) how you have put your previous photos for the 52 project into a book. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. I would love to see some tips for how to get good pictures indoors, when the lighting is not the best. our dining room is not very bright, so every picture of us singing happy birthday ends up being dark or blurry. unless of course I use flash- which I try not to! thanks Jodi, I look forward to learning!

  6. The book cover is absolutely gorgeous, Jodi, a sure sign of good things inside... (because I am one of those who judge books by their cover...sometimes). +Chelsea

  7. Hi Jodi,
    what is your favorite focal lenght when shooting your kids? Thanks! The cover looks beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful book cover, Jodi. And that picture of Poet is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the link to Project Wild Thing, such an inspiring little trailer.
    About photography I'd love to learn what I need to consider when buying a new lens, especially when photographing children (or let's call them "ever moving objects"). I'm still using the kit objective that came with the camera, which isn't always perfect.

  9. The joy in this picture is palpable. And aren't baby flutters the best?!


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