Friday, September 12, 2014

in other places

We've had four beautiful sunny days this week; just what I needed to get out of the late winter funk. Truth be told I was entirely over rain and grey days. Granted, I'm grateful for the water but how about those clouds head out west for a while, hey?

I know I harp on about simplicity and whilst I can talk about simple living and simple clothing and simple food, simplicity really comes down to things like roadside freesias that don't cost a cent, walking barefoot on warm grass, lifting your face to the sun and feeling it to your core. It these simple things that have brightened me this past week - thank goodness for that!

In other places:

the problem with scented and soy candles - and why I only ever use beeswax
birth around the world; a beautiful photo essay
the best tea cups I've seen in a long while - but which colour to choose?
Biome has 25% off storewide till midnight tonight with the code BIOME25
why African babies don't cry - an absolutely brilliant article!


  1. Can you write a post about photography, if possible?

    1. What exactly would you like to know? x

  2. Love these flowers! :-)

  3. Those mugs look beautiful! I love these ones, too:

  4. Love the article about births from around the world. A lot of my friends have had babies not long after me, and I've always tried to be honest but very positive about my own experience when they asked. The way our take on birth and the birth process differs around the world is really interesting.

  5. I am lifting my face to the sun and I feel that it is last chance to enjoy the sun. Autumn is coming. Good weekend!

  6. Always enjoy your weekend links. Lovely. Thanks you.

  7. I love those tea cups; I'm partial to the cashmere grey one. And so interesting to read that about paraffin candles! I always knew there was something wrong with them, but didn't dare to look into it because I love candles. But from now on I will also only use beeswax!


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