Friday, July 11, 2014

in other places

mid-winter sunset 
incoming waves touch their toes
now they've got wet socks

Love a little haiku. 

I've been writing for most of the week hence I'm a little behind on reading. However, there has been a few articles that have stayed with me long after I finished them:

Parenting Lessons from Waldorf/Steiner (no, it's not all hippy la-la, it's actually incredibly insightful)
Is modern-day parenting in crisis? This nanny thinks so. 
Do parenting blogs put women off motherhood? An interesting perspective and one I hadn't previously considered (I hope I'm not putting you off motherhood!).

...and also:

natural products to eliminate mould
love a good stripe
paper animals and make your own penguin
spelt crepes (and that kitchen window!)
southwestern corn and sweet potato soup - YUM.

And just like that...the weekend. I'll be savouring these last few days of school holidays whilst aiming to get (relatively) organised for the new school term. You?


  1. My weekend isn't here just yet, but preparations are already underway. I'll be making a floral arrangement and illustrated card for the memorial service of a dear family friend. I loved the Waldorf post, I once thought of being a Waldorf teacher but I realized teaching children is not my path, it's still such a rewarding career and wonderful lifestyle. How long are children's school holiday in Australia (I'm in the States)?

  2. Both the parenting articles are lovely. It is a difficult balance, to follow your child when it comes to development but reign them in with behaviour. I struggle with this daily. My Montessori background helps me understand why the tantrums are happening - age of order etc but I still have to try to not reward diva behaviour. I want her to choose the daily activity so her interests are encouraged, but I don't want her to believe she is the boss. Tricky this parenting stuff! Have a great end of your holidays xoxo

  3. Oh, I love, love, love winter at the beach. I think it's my favourite time of year to go. Thank you for reminding me!

  4. I really like these posts Jodi. It's fun going on a little click around the www :)

  5. what are your tips for preparing for school starting...

  6. Thanks Jodi for the link up. Ruth's kitchen window view, I know. So beautiful x

  7. Thanks for those links! Will be thoroughly 'stalking' The wholefood mama's page from now on for inspiration ;)


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