Friday, July 04, 2014

in other places

We've just returned home from a morning at the park; a crisp winter's day balanced with a good amount of direct sun.

I can't believe the first week of the school holidays is almost over! Our mornings have been slow, there's been plenty of outdoor time and come the afternoon we've been drawing and reading and drinking tea. All good.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

In other places:

if you read one thing this weekend make sure it's Michelle's eloquent and inspiring Word Garden
magical photos of children playing around the world (note there is no technology and only buckets and balls for toys)
the "untouchable" women of Pune revolutionalise waste collection in India
phobias may be memories passed down from ancestors - fascinating!
if I lived in Queensland I would be ordering my lamb from this organic family farm
teaching your children about money...I found this article interesting
it's so wonderful to see Dee and her husband's new creative venture - those wooden sewing machines!
school holiday research - how far away is the farthest star?
native box - great for those who are passionate about natural, sustainable, organic, eco-friendly products


  1. The teaching your children about money article was so interesting for me to read. Growing up, any money that I earned was put into a jar and I had to personally write up my transactions from that jar into a balance sheet. Every time I received money I added that amount to the credit column and whenever I took money out I had to write that amount in the debit column, add up the total and watch my 'savings' go up or down. It didn't take me very long to realise that spending all my money isn't always the wisest thing to do. I was about 7 or 8 during this process and while I feel it may have been a little too technical for my age, it was also very valuable and I feel I have now grown up with a greater respect for the value of money.

  2. We have a local park that has recently been done up by the local council. Thank goodness it opened in time for the holidays. I have been battling a technology ban in my house and have met with some resistance from my eldest and youngest. The photos of children playing simply is a nice reminder of what it should be like. Luckily we have found some nice things to do without screens this past week. Your week sounds like its been harmonious and calm. T x

  3. Such pretty little flowers - I love the summer holidays myself, the best time ever to spend with my kids. :-)

  4. Love these posts Jodi, gives me some great browsing to do whilst Michael is out on a job at night :-) Those photos of children playing around the world are INCREDIBLE!!! The Thailand ones took my breath away. xx Katrina

  5. Your school holidays sound lovely Jodi!
    I am taking my almost 5 year old (so close it's scary) to Sydney for a couple of days this week. If we can squeeze it in I am hoping we can visit a lovely bookshop so she can choose a couple of new books. Are you able to recommend one in the city?

    1. That sounds so special. Yes, go to Kinokuniya in The Galeries (directly opposite the Queen Victoria Building) - it's a fabulous bookshop and the kids section is beautiful. If you're after a fabulous coffee there's a tiny hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in The Galeries street level (on George St) called Workshop Espresso - it won't disappoint. And for the best chocolate go to The Strand Arcade and buy some Haighs (Aesop is a few shops away, too) x

  6. Thank you for the mention Jodi - your voice is influential and far-reaching these days, we're so grateful to have you speaking on our behalf xx


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