Tuesday, July 01, 2014

deep in wintertime

it's been an absolute pleasure to flick through Alphabet Journal (there's only a few hundred copies left of issue a) / early morning, bed hair and handmade flannelette jammies from little wren

A heavy head is not conducive to well constructed sentences.

After nursing Che back to health I'm annoyed to admit that my cold has returned. It's freezing* here; colder than it ever got last winter and whilst there is an element of relief in knowing that the seasons are doing their job it doesn't make it overly enjoyable when you live in a draughty house with inadequate heating. Australian houses weren't built for wintertime - they're built for balmy summers where each and every breeze is invited with open, sweaty arms. 

So here I sit, soaking in the last bit of direct sunlight for the day, wondering if I should soldier on with work or tidy up the house (currently deep in school holiday activity). Decisions, decisions. Or, I could creep under the covers and read....

Winter brings good rituals, too and I must admit, I'm really enjoying going to bed early. Daniel is a night owl and since he returned from overseas I've fallen into the habit of staying up late with him; watching movies, working, browsing blogs....it never serves me well the next day. These past few weeks I've made a point of being in bed my 9pm - it's too cold to stay up so to bed I go and yes, I sleep more soundly when the lights are out before 10pm.

I'm planning soup for dinner, probably chicken noodle, and I'll go to bed with a cup of ginger, lemon and turmeric tea because it's the most comfort for a scratchy throat.

How are you feeling? Are you going to bed early? What are you planning for dinner?

*it's probably quite warm to those accustomed to a true winter...


  1. We have sneezes and coughs here too. The kiddo has been unwell for weeks and I succumbed on Friday, it's quite annoying.
    I have a work lull after a manic month, with 2 new briefs sitting in front of me and I am wondering whether to take a few hours of respite to help recuperate or to knuckle down to it. To procrastinate I cleared out the pantry this morning ;) I think I might settle in with a cup of tea and at least read one of the manuscripts this afternoon - work and couch time I think that's a good compromise, don't you? ;)

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Jodi, colds are no fun! And while you are good to be philosophical about the seasons, they can be very testing too. As you know my family and I are blessed to be on a road trip heading north so I won't rub it in too much that it is all palm trees and sunshine where I am! That said, there is still work to be done (which is proving challenging without consistent internet access or even er, electricity!) and there are still dishes to wash, clothes to wash, children to feed and so on. We are definitely going to bed early, we are camping so both boys are asleep by 7/7.30pm out like lights and Pete and I are not far behind. You are right early nights make a huge difference. and for dinner? well I want something really easy tonight and minimal dishes, avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon and some sea salt. Rest well xx

  3. Really feel for you, Jodi. This time of the year tends to be when I get the sickest, which always bums me out because it's also when we have our annual family break. I'm hoping like mad I don't catch a cold/virus this time round. I applaud you for getting to bed that early. I really want to try it these holidays. Maybe tonight...?
    Stir fry beef and rice for the boys. Seared salmon for us.
    Ronnie xo

  4. Probably a good thing you're getting some early nights in, especially with school holidays. While I love having the kids at home, it does get exhausting. Hope the tea helps the sore throat and you can snuggle up somewhere warm. T x

  5. Going to bed earlier is what my body but no I also stay up with the Mr, it's nice to get a few hours with out children running around.

  6. Oh boo to bad health! It's actually freezing here. We wake up with frost covering our hill and even the wildlife looks a bit miffed. Last week the sun barely poked its head out (which, as you can imagine, does wonders for our solar hot water) however we got through it with snuggles, warm blankets, soup and knitting and today we had a beautiful wintry sunny day as reward! I'm sure the worst is still to come, but I just keep reminding myself that come summer I won't have as many good excuses to sit on the sofa, clutching a warm drink.

    Get better soon dear lady. Linda. x

  7. I neeeed to go to bed early, but whether I do or not remains to be seen. I am even worse than my children at following my good advice! Get well soon, Jodi and relax in your own gentle care. x

  8. I've caught a summer cold, I feel your pain. I hope you begin to feel better soon <3 enjoy the excuse to rest ;) your summer will be back so quickly xxxx

  9. Our South African houses are also not built for winter so we FREEZE for about 3 months every year! On the bright side.... tea, electric blankets, lots of sleep, soup, casseroles, hot chocolate... the list goes on and on. And we have beautiful winter sunsets - crisp, clear and bright orange. I try and focus on those things during our winters.

    get well soon!

  10. I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that our seasons are complete opposite. Did you hear about the midwest (USA) polar vortex? It got to -15 degrees F. Try that for a winter! 120+ days it was below freezing. I understand the angst and harsh shadows.

    right now it is so steamy and hot, we've had crazy thunderstorms as a result, and tornado warnings. thanks for sending a bit of chill this way! it's nice to think about.


  11. So true! Australian houses are not built for cold winters. We rent an old cold uninsulated draughty house in the Snowy Mountains. We have the fireplace burning in the front of the house and need heaters in the bedrooms. It costs us a fortune in electricity. I drink organic camomile tea with raw honey just before bed. I'm a terrible night owl.


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