Wednesday, June 25, 2014

scenes : in yellow and green

Clear, white winter light on a landscape of green and yellow. 

Sometimes a photo essay is the best way to find some words; it's been hard to articulate my ideas over the past few days. What I do know is that winter is here; wild, cold winds tell us there's snow down south. At night we're going to bed early and reaching for extra blankets - hot water bottles are a necessity.

/ golden blooms and the perfect midday light

/ a pitstop on our morning walk; daisies in one hand whilst the other collects fallen leaves

/ I'm not sure what this tree is called but its leaves are the most vivid shade of lime/yellow

/ a little finger and a sign that never seems to age

/ playing in the garden at Montessori. She spent an hour there yesterday; her first day of "prep" before she officially begins in a few weeks time. It's hard to believe that we're launching into this next stage with her. But, she's ready - so, so ready.

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  1. Time goes by too quickly.
    Beautiful scenes, Jodi.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Still no snow here... but we're waiting on it, with bated breath! King Winter is *really* late this year! :) Happy Winter to y'all up there! :)

    1. And overnight the snow has arrived! :) A gorgeous light dusting on the mountains and Cradle with a thick blanket of Grandmother Winter to keep her snug and warm :)

  3. That looks like a Gleditsia tree to me. They are lovely. Beautiful pics today. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Lovely scenes from the outdoors. It's funny to think winter is settling over your home, as the summer has just arrived here. Hope you have a great winter as you launch into new territories of school + schedules!


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