Friday, June 27, 2014

in other places

This week has been so much better than last; I've felt lighter and more motivated, a welcome relief.

Poet is currently walking around the house singing: "Bonjour, mes amis, bonjour" sweet. She adores her nursery rhymes; I'm a Little Teapot and Polly Put the Kettle on are current favourites (tea is a common theme in our home).

Daniel and I watched Saving Mr. Banks last night and for those of you who emailed me to tell me that Gitty looked like an older Poet - yes! I really could see the resemblance.

In other places:

you must read this before the school holidays commence. Yes, it's ok to be bored.
the world is all abuzz with Lost and Found...looking forward to reading it.
biome are having a huge clearance sale - lots of glass storage containers available!
Katie and Reuben interviewed me over at House of Humble.
I love wearing skirts but it's hard to find classic, simple designs. But look! - love this cotton/linen number.
jam, of the fig, red onion + balsamic variety.
adorable new Australian baby brand Wilson & Frenchy


  1. Loving your post on House of Humble. Thank you for linking that blog, I did not know it...
    Glad you are feeling a bit more inspired. Have a lovely week-end!

  2. Yes! I thought of your poet immediately while we watched Saving Mr Banks last week, what a great movie..I've been eyeing those skirts too, and their dresses! Have a lovely weekend..YAY holidays x

  3. Thanks for the Biome sale tip off - really like their stylish lunch totes, will have to get one. I've been taking my lunch to work in a liquor land bag! I'm so glamorous me.

  4. Wilson and Frenchy has been one of my favourite brands for Alby so far. Incredibly sweet boys things are hard to come by - I've had to stop myself from buying their entire winter range! x

  5. mmm, i just tried a fig jelly very similar to the recipe you shared, only it had ground mustard as well and it was an amazing addition.

    p.s. i just love that poet walks around speaking en francais. are you fluent?


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