Wednesday, March 05, 2014

a list (or organising random thoughts)

Once again I find that there's so much I could write about and yet forming a coherent post is beyond me. So I'm embracing the list (Pip's idea) in the hope that I'll find some clarity.

I am...

making ginger, lemon, honey and turmeric tea in the hope it will ease this sore little throat of mine.
cooking really simple meals - it makes such a difference to my evenings.
drinking lots of water, a coffee a day, nettle tea in between meals.
reading Nikki Gemmell's "Honestly: Notes on Life" - I love her criticism and celebration of Australia.
wanting Daniel to be home for my birthday but knowing there's just no way it will happen.
looking through my incredibly clean windows (I hired a window cleaner - best decision).
playing relaxing music in the afternoons to set the mood for witching hour.
wasting too much food. I need to work on being more frugal; using what I have instead of buying more.
sewing absolutely nothing - I've given all the mending jobs to my mum.
wishing for some decent down time but knowing it's a while off yet.
enjoying finding slow in my busy's all about the pace.
waiting for the clock to tick to 2:30 - time to leave for school pick-up.
liking walking barefoot on the grass.
wondering what the reunion will be like at the airport (must not crash tackle kids to get to Daniel first)
loving being involved with Wholehearted (you can be involved, too. Just #wholeheartedjournal on your instagram photos and we'll select our favourites every week).
hoping that there's a re-election soon because we need to get rid of our current PM - fast.
marvelling at how quickly Che is getting through books.
needing to pay bills
smelling eucalyptus, lemon and patchouli oils wafting through the house
wearing soft cotton tees with floral skirts and sometimes slipping into new rosey boots
following my instinct
noticing that my children are growing at the moment; they're eating more and sleeping in.
knowing that regardless how challenging this solo-parenting experience has been, it's made me stronger and more capable that I ever thought I was.
thinking about having another coffee. Maybe, just maybe.
bookmarking Michelle Schoeps Organic - so many great, wholesome, kid-friendly recipes
opening far too many work emails for my liking..but still, I'm grateful for them.
giggling at the email that arrived in my inbox yesterday; quite a wonderful proposal.
feeling autumn; it's subtle yet it's slowly creeping in.


  1. I love this list. I look forward to taking it for my own soon ;)

  2. Yes solo parenting does make you stronger. I am doing it myself at the moment with a 12 week old and 3 1/2 year old and its tough. Love this saying "women are like teabags, you don't know how strong they will be until you put them in hot water". I tell myself this many times a day to keep my spirits up. x

  3. Ha! Great minds ; ) totally posted something similar earlier today x

  4. love your"feeling" though here in Germany we are feeling spring!
    I make lists when i am busy too, i love lists, all kinds, but my favorite are when i count my blessings!

  5. Hi there,
    If you're on Twitter, I thought you might be interested in looking at #seasonsimplicity it's a Lenten activity run by my local Anglican church, asking people to live simply and photograph this journey.

  6. lol, I also did this list again - yesterday.
    Did one long time ago, but it's great taking stock - once and a while.

  7. "Feeling autumn" yes, yes so I am. The crisp, cool mornings are a lovely change aren't they?


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