Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A is for Alphabet Family Journal

"It seemed like many parenting or family-related magazines were representations of a polished, perfect home that was, quite simply, not at all like our own homes. So we set out to create an alternative: a family journal that celebrates the personal foundations of our homes in their many different forms."
- Alphabet Journal

Remember when I told you about my friend Luisa? She's the most passionate, determined creative I know and over the past few years I have watched her connect and collaborate with countless like minds; she's captured the most beautiful stories in her simple and feminine photography style. She's got big goals and an even bigger heart and it's her love and kindness and compassion that has inspired her latest project (one that's been brewing for a while now).

Introducing: Alphabet Family Journal; a magazine about where we live and who we love. It's a celebration of ordinary family life which, when you stop to observe it, is really quite extraordinary. 

Last week Luisa and her team launched a kickstarter campaign to get the first edition in print - and they reached their target in only three days! But if you want to guarantee yourself a copy, I recommend you head over there and pledge some money (there's some great photography and social media packages for businesses, too). 

Lastly, what stories do you want to read in a family magazine? 


  1. "...representations of a polished, perfect home that was, quite simply, not at all like our own homes." This resonates deeply with me, as I'm sure it will with many of your readers. It is so prevalent in media today (especially the blogosphere) to showcase a life of perfection, which I find hard to digest and believe. I'm hopeful that we are nearing the tipping point, where more realistic images and stories of family life will emerge. Publications like this are a welcomed breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think sharing the real alongside the magical, the hard times as well as the good times, the everyday habits juxtaposed with the traditions and rituals each unique family have; all help in reflecting the true picture of the wonderful complexity that is a family.

  3. So happy to be a supporter of this brilliant project and eagerly awaiting my copy!
    I just want to read stories about what inspires people. What they are reading, what informs their worldview, what they are eating, where they go, what is the flow in their life, where do they feel stuck .

  4. This looks really lovely! I think features about whole family units are great, when you can see how every member fits together like a puzzle - but an unpolished, real version, rather than the glossy version presented in magazines like hello!

  5. Looks lovely.
    I want to see interiors articles. Always. I love them, especially gorgeous kids rooms that overdone and actually represent the child.
    And stuff about families living sustainably maybe. Especially growing vegetables / gardening.
    Also, a while ago I read a series of posts on A Cup Of Jo (hope it is ok to mention it here) about mothering around the world. The articles were absolutely fascinating. Something along this line would be great to read each issue of the magazine.

  6. This is wonderful! Really lovely - very refreshing, thank you for sharing, I've made a pledge :)

  7. thanks for sharing, jodi! this magazine looks fantastic. one thing that always stumps me in my parenting journey is establishing a wholesome rhythm. i would love to read stories dealing with this theme.


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