Monday, December 02, 2013

twenty | practising simplicity

I'll give Halloween a miss but I wholeheartedly believe that Thanksgiving should have a place on the Australian calendar. A national day to pause and give thanks for our blessings? What an honour that would be.

Gratitude hasn't always come easily to me but I now recognise it as something that enhances my every day. It provides me with perspective; it allows me to see what I have instead of getting caught up with what I don't. Practicing gratitude is an integral part of practicing simplicity.

Today I am grateful for:

happy children who are so excited about "Chri-mas holday"
the trampoline
a delicious roast (and the even-better leftovers)
doting grandparents
the promise of many mornings at the beach
freshly cut roses
health and energy
an understanding partner
a new book

So: share what you are grateful for; it will put everything into perspective. I look forward to reading...


  1. A friend of mine has started a blog about Gratitude. It's wonderful. I look forward to her posts every night.
    PS: I'm also excited about Chri-mas and mornings at the beach :) x

  2. I'm grateful for this sunny autumn here in Italy, for the pumpkin cream, for breastfeeding my baby, for my healthy family, for falling in love with my husband every single day, for every laugh with my older daughter.
    Thanks for this post Jodi.

  3. Lovely post! I'm grateful for finishing (partially) tithe the renovation of our old house. I'm grateful for the fact that we are now finally homeowners, something we thought may never happen. I'm grateful for our health. Most of all, I'm grateful that the heartbreak and hardship encountered makes me realise that the single most important thing in life is family.

  4. I like the Balinese tradition of the offerings to the Gods. Being Grateful reminds me of that. Being grateful and saying Thank-you.. And i love insence...

  5. I was telling Rick exactly the same thing the other night.... such a shame we don't have something like Thanksgiving here in Australia. I am thankful for family, friends, food, shelter, smiles, tears, light, and shade...
    Ronnie xo

  6. Thanksgiving is far and away my favourite holiday...a day to take stock and to be with friends and family...I was grateful this year that so many people were willing to celebrate with me...and to tolerate my indulgence of making them each bake a pie!

  7. Love your words on gratitude Jodi. I'm grateful tonight for a new book that is continually reminding me to live from my heart, for laughter, sunny days and warm nights xx

  8. I am grateful for good health, for my marriage, our beautiful children, for family and friends, living by the beach, for work that I love, for sunshine and good food. My husband read to me recently the words of a Hawaiian Elder who said that being grateful cleanses the heart. I think that is beautiful, I can relate to that and think it makes perfect sense. x

  9. Ben and I were saying how lovely a holiday Thanksgiving i...that it really has a meaning that resonates with us. I'm so grateful for my husband and our marriage, Josephine, the little one growing stronger each day in my belly, our health and for having a lovely little roof above our heads and food on the table; for friends and family, for our safety and for living somewhere we love. I love this idea of celebrating gratitude daily Jodi. x

  10. I agree! there should be a thanksgiving celebration in every country ;)

  11. So grateful for my little family, our home, and our health. I am grateful for our jobs - that they are secure and allow us to provide for our family. I am grateful for our long days full of laughter, learning, working, and resting... even when they are tough, they are so precious.

  12. Thanks for sharing this post. Reflecting on the things that you are grateful for really does put things (back) into perspective, or at least provides a new landscape for your reality.

    Today, I'm grateful for: my health, my family, a patient and affectionate partner, and a job that allows us to indulge in little luxurious now and then.

  13. Sam and I have celebrated a thanksgiving, of sorts, for a few years now - it's a holiday that resonates with our values.
    I'm becoming increasingly grateful for the beautiful place we currently reside, as we prepare to move further south in the coming year. I'm making a mental note each day to enjoy the stunning warm weather and beautiful landscape we experience here, as this will be our last Summer in the Sunshine State. We're grateful to be close to our family and friends, and will be making the most of their company in 2014. Xx

  14. To mark the beginning of Advent, we put the Christmas tree up and this year, before we did that, we sat down to a roast lunch as a family (just the four of us). My littlest said the prayers and she gave thanks for the food and for our family and it started an impromptu thanksgiving of sorts when my eldest chirped in with what she was thankful for and Hubby and I followed suit. It was very sweet and is now our newest family tradition: Advent lunch of thanksgiving :)

    1. I am also really grateful right now to my work colleague who massaged the stress-knot in my shoulder and released some of the pain.

  15. I'm grateful for many things, however this week the one that stands out is the health of my girls. I know of two little people who died this week, far too young and it really puts the night feeds and toddler tantrums in perspective. Luna. x


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