Friday, November 01, 2013


Last weekend I discovered a local horticulturalist who propagates the most beautiful succulents. I brought a basket-load home with me and planted them into little terracotta pots that now surround a mala-wearing Ganesha at our front door. Ganesha is the hindu elephant god; a "remover of obstacles" he is usually placed at the entrance of homes and temples. 

I've been bringing more green into the home, appreciating the colour and the life it creates. A pot of thyme is thriving on the dining room table (and isn't at the mercy of caterpillars) and succulents are decorating the mantle and the kitchen windowsill. Considerably cheaper and much longer-lasting than a bunch of flowers; a potted herb or succulent really does make a great hand-made gift. 

A few succulents I adore, from left to right:
  • lady grey - rosettes of glaucous grey-green leaves with a reddish-purple hue if exposed, it grows upright spikes of pink star flowers
  • window plant - rosettes of green fleshy-pointed leaves featuring small white/violet bell-shaped flowers on a 30cm stem
  • fairy's washboard - freeform leaves with offsets forming a large clump. Leaves have built-in solar collectors in green fleshy foliage
  • limelight - waxy rosettes of lime green leaves
  • golden sun cup - delightful, compact succulent renowned for decorative foliage
If you're considering nature as a gift for Christmas but need to send it in the mail, no need to think of an alternative; Sow 'n Sow have a gorgeous range of seed packets that come with an envelope - ready for snail mail. Following Monday's post regarding Christmas presents for kids, I've added a few simple, practical (genius!) items to the list including a sticky tape dispenser - thanks, Jody! I think the number one practical yet much-loved item/toy in our home is an apple corer - particularly useful in autumn when I'm stewing fruit.  

I can't believe it's Friday afternoon - where did the week go? If you're in the mood for reading over the weekend there's a feature on me in mylookbook magazine that's hints at some changes I'm planning around these parts. And elsewhere? I really enjoyed these posts from some of my favourite bloggers:

Feel free to add a link to one of your favourite reads from the week...


  1. There is something so absolutely wonderful about bringing more green into one's home. For me, it helps keep me centered. Looking forward to perusing your links. happy friday! xo

  2. I love succulents too.. my mother always kept lots of them in pots when I was growing up so they remind me of her. Have a lovely weekend Jodi x

  3. Succulents are wonderful and so forgiving. That was a great article Jodi, sounds like some exciting times ahead...

  4. They look great! Where did you end up finding your little terracotta pots?

    1. at a local nursery. And here I was thinking I was going to have to search far and wide x

  5. What a beautiful article Jodi. I remember first finding you all those years ago and your growth and changes have inspired and amazed me. You are wonderful and I can't wait to see what your next chapter holds. With love and light, Ashley xx

  6. I loved reading the article Jodi! You constantly inspire me.
    Ronnie xo

  7. They look beautiful jodi... Happy weekend xx

  8. Gorgeous! You've inspired me.. My nanna has a succulent collection, she pulls off one 'leaf' and puts it in a pot and sure enough another little succulent grows. My favourite are the flap-jacks xx

  9. I've fallen in love with succulents too as a result of seeing them there every weekend I pop in for something. When I started buying from him two years ago, I wondered what all the fuss was about with succulents and slowly I was drawn to them, till Luca and I bought a few for the front doorstep. I love the quality they have. Funny that a couple should be pictured in the post you linked to!! Thanks for that Jodi. x

  10. I'm not a big fan of succulents. Not too sure what it is about them, but they're certainly popular at the moment!

    I have to concur about the apple corer. We pop it out at every birthday party, place some big green apples in some little iodised red metal buckets we have and they are always gone in a flash! Every single child lines up waiting patiently for the chance to apple. It just goes to show how presentation does matter.

    Another Christmas idea is for a family game. We don't buy our children 'toys' as such since they usually spend all of their time playing pretend games (we have many visitors bemoaning "Where are all of the toys?" when they first arrive). But each Christmas we hide the gifts around the house and the children have to stop each time something is found and then they oooh and aaah over it and play with it and generally ensure that each item is completely appreciated - thus avoiding the unwrapping sprint that could otherwise occur.

    Anyway, where I was going with that was that we make the final stop a family board game. Then we spend the next few hours playing it all together. We now have an impressive board game collection and it is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

    Thank you for the beautiful words and photographs.

  11. thanks so much for the list of links. i love finding new words/ posts/ writers. i'm having a hard time keeping my succulents alive. seems like i have a problem over-nurturing the poor, independent, green souls.

  12. Beautiful photos... I especially love the little plant in the last one. I've been adding plants to various rooms in our house lately too in an effort to bring the 'outdoors in' a bit more... however, I don't have any succulents indoors as yet :) Just read your interview, was a lovely read and am off now to check out some of the other links you've shared. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead x

  13. This is a delightful post, Jodi. Reading it this morning has been a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Lovely, I think plants are a great alternative to a bunch of flowers. I've got a peace lily, as I heard they are meant to help purify the air!

  15. ahh succulents! my favorite. i dream of having sufficient window light and space some day to have a nice little collection. but even without them, I always make sure to have house plants. it doesn't feel like home without plants. thank you for the links. I eagerly look forward to reading them.

  16. Gah! Love succulents.


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