Tuesday, November 26, 2013

a "thank you" giveaway

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As we journey towards Christmas we embrace the season of gratitude. And so it's with the upmost thanks that I announce this giveaway; a collection of beautiful gifts for two of my readers. I really appreciate the time you take to visit me here; I've come to love the sense of community, the connection and the conversation. I admire the way you share your thoughts in your comments; always honest, never nasty. And for that I am incredibly grateful. 

The first collection of goodies, valued at $640, includes:

1. A6 fez journal set by Corban & Blair. The exquisite debossed cover featured patterns reminiscent of hand-carved wooden screens found in Turkey and Morocco. Plain pages make this the ideal book for note taking or travel documentation. Valued at $31

2. "Flip" the penguin is part of the Udder collection; made from 100% handprinted and hand-dyed cotton. Valued at $65.

3. A simple take on the classic time-teller, this gorgeous watch from The Horse features a walnut band and rose gold coated stainless steel case. Leave your phone at home and wear a watch instead! Valued at $129.

4. The newest addition to the Boxy range, "King Tide" is classic and beautiful; neutral tones with a hint of sea blue and silver. Valued at $35.

5. A gift that grows! This four pack of Billy Buttons from Sow 'n Sow is the perfect little gift to send in the mail. Each pack features a festive illustration and comes with a recycled envelope. All you need is a stamp. Valued at $29.95.

6. A beautiful soft-textured embroidered dress from Read + Bell; featuring white on white embroidery on cotton it's the ideal everyday summer dress. Valued at $85.

7. A Lilya tassel scarf that will accompany you through the seasons; bright and cheerful with the sweetest details. Valued at $99.

8. Woolpets kits from Dragonfly Toys are the perfect opportunity to learn needle felting and create a sweet little gnome for play or display. Valued at $25.50

9. Floral top and bloomer set from Bondi-based Printebebe; wear together or separately, a perfect addition to a little girl's wardrobe. Valued at $66.

10. A Christmas cherrywood stationery pack from Doodlebug; featuring simple, beautiful designs on wood sources from renewable forests and plantations. Valued at $25.

11. The Esther Dress in melon from Fabrik - the perfect Christmas Day dress featuring pintuck yoke and filly sleeves. Valued at $49.95.

....and the second collection, valued at $790, includes :

1.  A5 fez journal set from Corban & Blair. The exquisite debossed cover featured patterns reminiscent of hand-carved wooden screens found in Turkey and Morocco. Plain pages make this the ideal book for note taking or travel documentation. Valued at $47.

2. Cute as can be Billy Bear cushion cover by Hello Milky. Handprinted on 100% linen, it's the perfect addition to a child's bedroom. Valued at $36.

3. Leather Tuberose Tote bag from Lilya featuring contrast cream blanket stitch and a removable wallet. Valued at $249. 

4. A Christmas cherrywood stationery pack from Doodlebug; featuring simple, beautiful designs on wood sources from renewable forests and plantations. Valued at $25.

5. Automoblox s9 police cruiser from Lucas Loves Cars; includes a removable roof and little people who sit inside. Valued at $55.

6. The Kantor Top in tangerine from Lilya. I adore this top; floaty, classic cut, stylish. Valued at $149.

7. The Crafty Bundle is a genius idea and this collection impresses. A box of beautiful, handmade pieces by three Melbourne designers. Valued at $89.

8. Kid Nature Poplin Sunhat by Nature Baby. Lightweight with a full brim it's the ideal summer accessory. Valued at $29.95.

9. Made from the softest of soft bamboo, this pink pinny from Doodlebug is the sweetest little dress, featuring a bird print and wooden buttons. Valued at $54.95

10. The Greater Good is a brand new online store that stocks a collection of contemporary homewares. I adore these Jall & Tofta hooks - perfect for the hallway or children's room. Valued at $39.95

11. Lhami is a local company that makes beautiful organic beauty products. This lemon myrtle hand and body lotion is light and nourishing and smells divine (and very natural!). Valued at $19.95.


Entry to this giveaway involves creativity in the form of haiku - a Japanese style of poetry that celebrates nature and the seasons. There are up to 17 syllables in a three line haiku poem; 5 on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the third (or 5, 3, 5). A beautiful example:

"So many breezes
wander through my summer room:
but never enough."
- Issa

And so, to enter all you need to do is write a haiku poem about Christmas. I will nominate my favourite 10 poems and will send the list to each brand featured in the giveaway. They will then nominate their favourite and the two poems with the most votes wins (the first winner will get first choice, the second winner will receive the remaining collection of gifts).  

This giveaway ends on Tuesday 3rd December at 8pm. I'll announce the winner in the days following. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section - I'll respond there as soon as I can. 

This giveaway is open to readers across the globe. I can't wait to read about balmy Christmas' on the beach and snuggly celebrations by the fire!

Best of luck! And thanks again.

Comments closed!!!!!!! Winners will be announced in the next few days x

Gifts will be sent direct to the winners from the brands involved. I will contact the winners in regards to sizes, colour preferences and address details. 


  1. "The sweet smell of pines
    flowing through the winter air
    Christmas is here now."

    I have never done this, and have never been much of a poet, but I just had to give it a shot! I rather enjoyed it!

  2. "Searing heat and sand
    not a winter wonderland
    perfect all the same"

    That was a little out of my comfort zone, but such a wonderful way to distill the season.

    1. I love this Lila...it is something that I have to remind myself constantly during this Christmas season!

    2. Lila, the heat really is searing, isn't it?! There have been so many Christmas' spent with my feet in one of those open clam play pools. Classy!

    3. Thanks MDU and Ally!
      Jodi I have even brought the clam pool in the house and filled it with ice one year to cool feet, I'm glad to hear we both have classy tastes!

  3. "Mary & Joseph
    sheltering in a stable
    with baby Jesus."

  4. We put our heart in
    to the gifts that we create.
    Thanks! With love from us.
    - Jo

    1. Agreed! I was going to give this a go, but I seriously think this one will be the winner!

    2. Rin, there's two winners! And I don't choose....so you never know. Go on, enter x

    3. Thankyou Jodi! Rin, I was a haiku virgin before this, now I can't get enough :) I highly recommend having a go x

  5. "Shepard's are waiting
    thousands have been praying
    Christ is born today"

  6. The knitting is done
    and brown paper wrapped around
    pieces of our hearts.

  7. these days Christmas is
    when we gather to simply
    be us six again.

    thank YOU, Jodi! x

  8. gift of a baby
    history is split in two
    peace, a gift for all

    jodi I love how you do this - it makes it a joy to read all the entries. You have some very eloquent readers xx

  9. A candle burns bright
    gathering of young and old
    joy and warmth abound

    such fun and such lovely giveaways! Many thanks Jodi!

  10. Wear what you get - a
    family cheer that I still love.
    Swimmers, socks, hats, skis!

    1. That's sounds like fun!

  11. the smell of sunscreen
    salty beach water beads down
    we rejoice in Him

  12. Sounds of their laughter
    echo through our sunlit home
    Now, the house is warm

    I've always thought Christmas to be a time of warmth and laughter. I have never been able to convey that feeling into words but I gave it a go. Thanks for the giveaway Jodi.
    - Samantha

  13. Not what it once was
    Meaning altered, essence true
    Simply together

  14. First sunny Christmas
    spent in nappy and singlet
    so glad you are here!

    Thank you xx

    1. Aww I hope it's the most wonderful Christmas for you Shell!

  15. 'And dragonflies too?'
    'How they celebrate Christmas
    is anyone's guess.'

  16. "Shut the screen, flies out
    Gather around the table
    Bon Bon paper crowns"

  17. Summer floods mean a
    Breather from obligation
    It's just us, and her.

    I don't often comment but I like a good poetic challenge. Thanks Jodi x

  18. Twinkle in her eye
    'White Christmas' rings in her ears
    Baby's first Christmas

  19. Summertime sunshine
    Cicadas filter the night sky
    laughter everywhere

  20. The best gift of all
    Emmanuel, God with us
    Good news of Great Joy

  21. crushed underfoot, pine
    needles, blanket of snow, now
    winter draws us close

  22. Giving, receiving
    Gathering under blue skies
    Its our Christmas Day

  23. Mystery boxes
    Their heads bent close together
    What could be inside?

  24. Come! Gather my people...
    open your hearts
    and let magic unfold.

  25. Oysters & Champagne
    Pohutukawa Blossoms
    The love of family

  26. Oysters & Champagne
    Pohutukawa Blossoms
    The love of family

  27. Mango juice dripping
    Much loved family gathers
    Christmas in sunshine

  28. Cold ham and salad
    Spending time with family
    Maybe have a swim!

  29. celebrate the King
    born - a silent wordless babe,
    the good news for all.

  30. Never mind a gift,
    Family is my present.
    I ask for no more.

  31. "A sweet pixie bum
    flowers blossom thru the night
    birds sing a sweet song"

    these brings back memorys from primary school!! :)
    Ahhhmazing giveaway mama, love the poems above soo sweet

    xx mrsknight@vodafone.co.nz

    Ps spelling mistake in my above comment so deleted oops xx

  32. A time of giving
    A time of receiving love
    Christmas but always

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful musings and beautiful photos with us all, Jodi!

  33. Alone we are little snowflakes
    Together the snow
    That enchanted the beautiful scenery

  34. Family Together,
    Feasting, Friendship, Fun, Laughter,
    Gifts hand made with love.

  35. Milky snow and kids
    weave in and out of the trees
    Simply enchantress.


  36. Long queues at check-in
    Boarding the plane carrying
    Luggage stuffed with love.

  37. Christmas is not made
    from the presents you receive
    but from love you give

  38. She asked for beauty
    "Be that beauty", they whispered
    and her wish came true.

  39. Robin has returned
    Finding courage in coldness
    A chill in his heart

  40. I'm no poet but I thought I'd try!

    Christmas comes again
    Bringing joyous wonderment
    And return to youth.

  41. Thank you sweet Christmas
    For reminding me where my
    heart always is

  42. Children's eyes are wide
    Sharing the feelings of joy
    Basking in wonder

  43. Precious memories are made
    Etched in my heart
    From now til forever

  44. 'I will not forget,
    the most beautiful moment.
    Sweet Christmas of love.'

    Thank you for such a beautiful give away!

  45. snow flakes rest
    on your chubby pink cheeks
    and sunny hair.


  46. Aloof, growing son
    I cherish these colder days:
    furtive fireside hugs

  47. The one time a year
    Family reunited
    Surrounded by love

    Thank you to you lovely Jodi for all the beautiful reads you have provided me with over the last year. Especially in the last 6 weeks while breastfeeding at ungodly hours of the morning... your words have kept me awake! Much love sweet lady x

  48. Glowing light floats in
    Your eyes and hair bring peace
    All is calm and bright.

  49. soft breath of sleeping child
    soft flakes on window
    gifts wait in a darkened room.

  50. oh this is so lovely! all the beautiful entries inspired me to comment as well - such a refreshing moment!

    here's my contribution:

    Be here together
    Breathe in the cold winter’s air
    Exhale, love is here

  51. Candle light flickers -
    the smell of warm bread inside,
    snow swirls in the dark.

  52. Picture this my love
    A thousand flickering lights
    Shine in and through you

  53. sliver glitter flies
    every crag, crevice gilded
    a christmas dimple

  54. my mother's candles
    flickering in the cold night
    i stay up too late

  55. Wrap me up just so
    to warm, to mind, to delight
    but hush, morning comes.

  56. what christmas wish list?
    my baby girl sighs, content
    she is all i need

    christmas is so much fun, and so exciting - but can occasionally be overwhelming for me - wishlists and must-haves, etc ... but this year i am just so thankful and grateful for a beautiful healthy baby girl who just celebrated her first birthday - so my husband and i are filled to the brim with the only gift we need this season :)

  57. It is Christmas time
    Autumn leaves falling away,
    Symbolizing change

  58. Eucalypt and pine,
    hot music of cicadas,
    I'm full to the brim.

    You have the best giveaways Jodi *sigh*

  59. Home full of cousins
    Aroma of gingerbread
    Kelpies underfoot

  60. Mom and Paul in Love
    Our hearts are full with loving
    Children feel our joy

  61. Different this year
    Through glowing eyes of my girl
    Her first holiday

  62. baby's first christmas!
    new beginnings, traditions -
    happy, snowy days.

  63. a salty sea breeze
    my door stars twinkle gently
    christmas is in the air

    oooh I can't wait to put up my door stars!
    ..another beyond beautiful and generous giveaway, thank You! x

  64. Smile. It's Christmas time!
    Laughter. Joy. Ornaments chime.
    Oops... Haikus don't rhyme.

  65. there's love in the air
    that special morning light leaks
    squeals of joy uplift

  66. A large man in red
    Anticipation awaits
    As the sky lights up.

  67. Red flash lights the sky.
    Wide eyes peer into the night.
    Santa?! HO HO HO!

  68. small warm hands find mine
    see the tree?
    it will shelter us

  69. From atop her perch
    the Christmas star hears squeals of
    joy from bebes below.

  70. quietly wishing
    for peace and prosperity,
    for all of mankind

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  71. star shining above
    hearts brim with wonder and love
    Savior Jesus born!

  72. I hear their laughter
    The joy of Christmas is here
    My childhood reborn.

  73. Dry summer morning.
    Crayfish, turkey,barbeque.
    Cooling breeze, couch, sleep.

    Thanks so much :)

  74. Such a lovely give away. Fingers crossed.

    First Christmas passes
    In a gentle milky dream.
    Our love, joy and peace.

    Kate xx

  75. "Seashells and driftwood
    adorn my Christmas table:
    we dine, laugh and sing."
    - Bella xx

  76. The sun sets slowly
    Colours of the summer sky
    Australian Christmas

  77. You are born in us
    Sun of life!
    Shine each moment our hearts.

  78. Santa's pretty sleigh
    Flew past the chimney of this
    Content Jewish home

  79. the gold flickering
    in our hearts and mind wishing
    love and light to all

    thanks for the push to do something different.

  80. Simplicity is
    Quite desirable but then
    So are all these things.

    Sending this in from my farm in NY/USA probably disqualifies me, but it was such fun to think in Haikus for a bit (and I have my fingers crossed anyway - happy to pay shipping for these excellent goodies!). I'm a mostly silent reader here, but many hearty thanks for your calming words and beautiful photography. Many a day you've inspired me to grab my camera and my kids and head out the door for a wander. All very best wishes to you and your family on this the eve of Thanksgiving. - Sophie

  81. Pavlova lusting,
    leaves jolly hips less trusting,
    Rudolph is amused.

    -rachel walker, such fun.

  82. Silent smiles,
    light in our eyes.
    Christmas is love.

    - Jenna Ou
    This is my first haiku ever :o :)

  83. baubles reflecting
    eyes wide with wonder and joy
    in lights warming glow

  84. searing sun rises
    pine needle smell thick and close
    cricket and crickets

  85. The children look up
    full of hope to see reindeer.
    Do I hear sleigh bells?

  86. helloooo, how many can we post? ...inspired

    1. I think I'll keep it simple and say: just one. Hope that's ok! x

  87. Winter solstice and
    Christmas time my childrens eyes
    that shine beyond mine

  88. Well I never! I just did a haiku to enter another comp but it wasn't the requirement I just felt like it! Collective conscious I think.

    Together we create love
    with laughter and hope.

    Wow, that took forever! SO many thoughts about summer, thunderstorms etc but Christmas is more than a day for us. Thanks for the giveaway, I don't often comment but I always read, and I enjoyed this process and reading others.

  89. Rare night. Old World star
    Divined through the magi's crook
    Bethlehem behold

  90. Christmas here in Oz
    Is filled with sun and smiles
    with sand between feet

    Alice Taylor-Tighe x

  91. Sun hot, parties cool.
    Christmas is celebration:
    joy, songs, love, gifts, hope.

  92. I love your haiku giveaways! Thank you Jodi xx

    Early one summer morning...
    Sleep and silence cease
    with squeals and hurried footsteps...!

  93. Pajamas and gifts
    Joy on my children's faces
    That's my Christmas morn

    This is such a lovely giveaway. Thank you so much for this chance to win :)

  94. Fine leaf-buds freshborn,
    Hang trembling on willow's stems
    Breeze frisked chandeliers

    Gorgeous prizes all. Thank you Jodi, for the opportunity to play x briony.

  95. This year something's new
    In September she was born
    Freya's first Christmas

  96. family gathers
    children romp a midst magic -
    sweet christmas joys

  97. Thanks for the fun. My husband and I wrote this haiku together. ;)

    Winds whip 'round the pines
    Snow stacks against the panes
    Lets warm some cocoa

  98. doorway instructions
    little boys anticipate
    stockings this way

  99. We Crave the breezes
    When light fades late in the night
    Bare Skin under sheets

    What a lovely giveaway....

  100. little fingers strip
    back to green sparkles fallen
    nature is aglow

  101. a white night whispers
    the unfolding laughter sings
    Christmas magic here

    Xx Ashley

  102. magic they deem true,
    we build in the dead of night
    lasts forever more

  103. Thank you for the inspiration, Jodi. Once I started, I could hardly stop. This is my favourite:

    childhood memories
    renewed and relived
    through you my love

  104. the warmth of our home
    starry cold sky spreads above
    candles light the room

  105. I will travel far
    through woodlands long icy cold
    there a warm fire waits

    Thank you for the inspiring contest.


  106. This Christmas I will
    remind myself: Love is not
    lessened by distance.

  107. I will light the tree
    as silent snow falls outside
    waiting for you here

  108. We love to play games,
    make gifts and tell fables of
    those we love so dear.

    I'm so moved by all the haikus! They make me teary-eyed just reading them!

  109. The stockings are out
    Excitement rides on hot winds
    morning mangos yum.

  110. Up down in and out
    the memories travel this way
    kisses in the sun

  111. Silence the eve before
    But the morn brings noise galore
    and families together merrily.

  112. Christmas always brings memories of my childhood paper chains, fading and getting crumpled but still brought out each Christmas:

    a festive rainbow
    our paper chain grows each year
    small hands add new links

  113. Smell of pine needles
    wafting through the gentle breeze
    smells just like Christmas

  114. Music plays softly,
    Family gathered around,
    Sweet laughter abounds.

  115. Southern Christmas joy
    builds, but December’s heat saps:
    Snow seems so surreal…

  116. Oh christmas tree oh christmas tree, so pretty and bright.
    Bring peace to the whole world tonight.


    1. Please ignore one of the oh christmas tree as it double up and I can't delete it, sorry :-/

  117. i see children patiently
    through fogged winter windows
    waiting for a light

  118. Tall and strong standing
    Silhouette of his antlers
    glistening red nose

  119. For Christmas This Year
    Butterflies in my Belly
    Will Make me Mummy

  120. we are far away
    learning togetherness is
    all we need this year

    We moved to the Philippines 6 months ago so this Christmas it's just my one year old, husband and myself. Learning how to do everything on our own!

  121. With winter clouds come,
    throught the sky,
    many crane swirling

    Here it's winter! and so much snow!!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway ...

  122. Christmas in our family is lots of beach time and running around..

    Hot sand and blue sky
    frisbees and sunshine


  123. So many presents,
    star perched tree top. But Christmas
    comes not from a shop.

    Lost both my Granddads this year, so we have two angels on our Christmas tree this year and reaffirmation of the true meaning of Christmas.


  124. giving brings magic
    spirits run deep with belief
    Christmas warms the soul

    such a beautiful giveaway. thank-you for the opportunity!

  125. Another year passed,
    we've a new sweet little one,
    to brighten Christmas.

    It's amazing the changes just one year can bring. To our heart and our home!

  126. On Christmas Eve:

    The house is quiet
    Little boy dreaming in the
    Wonder of before

  127. gentle morning sea breeze
    evening cicada porch song
    salty hair, warm skin

  128. Cicadas call us in,
    Gather round the table all;
    Simply bring your joy.

  129. may you be merry
    full with mince pies, laughter too
    peaceful and loved

  130. A move across the world
    Different seasons and climate but same celebration
    Together, we create new traditions


  131. A red dust toddler
    Only sees 'beach' in a book
    Get excited, little one


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