Friday, August 09, 2013

nature mail

Yesterday we received mail from Cape York (the very top of Australia). Beautiful Tara sent kindness, thanks and good wishes all wrapped in recycled paper and twine. In a handwritten letter she said:

...sending a little bit of Cape York love to you all: 
- shells with the sea inside them, collected from around the tip of Australia (one for each of you)
- quartz crystals stained with our red soil. Cooktown's Aboriginal language name 
means "home of crystals", an important trade route for the Aboriginals back in the day
- beautiful black coral from our untouched beaches
- a lonesome feather from a tawny frogmouth owl
- gumnuts from our backyard, in true Australian fashion

I hope that sometime this weekend you get the chance to step into nature and gather ephemera. In Pia's simple yet eloquent prose:

"we collect treasures left by mother nature, as we walk, as we walk..."


  1. Have a lovely weekend Jodie, this is beautiful x

  2. This would have to be one of the most exciting packages ever!

  3. What a thoughtful gift! The Cape is such an amazing place!
    We've been twice. The first time when our eldest was 13months old and I carried her on my back right to the tip! We're about to set of for a six week trip via corner country, Birdsville and up to the Gulf then back down through central Australia with our 3 year old and 11 month old! Start them young I say. Can't wait to see what treasures we come across! x

  4. so beautiful!
    have a happy weekend!

  5. Wonderful! This weekend we are going camping/swimming at Riffe Lake here in Washington. A little bit of nature is a wonderful thing to get in the mail!

  6. Nature mail! A new concept for me, but I am loving it! :)


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