Friday, July 05, 2013

winter : rock pool

In stark contrast to the oyster farms, the winter rock pool is bright and, quite literally, shimmering. 

We all went down to the beach this week and come midday Che and Poet were immersed; splashing and shrieking. After days of relentless rain it was with sweet relief that I lifted my face to the sky and let the sun warm me to the core.

This is mid-winter on the east coast of Australia; wetsuit-clad kids waiting for waves. 


  1. Such a stark contrast to mid winter here in the Midwest States! Waiting for waves and sunkissed faces are wonderful things...aren't they.

    I'm enjoying your winter series.

    XO Sarah

  2. Sign me up for mid-winter on the East Coast of Australia! ;)

    And of course, stunning photograph, Jodi!

  3. I can almost hear those waves and feel the cool crisp air of winter. No greater pleasure than to be beside the sea.

  4. I love winter in Sydney. I nearly considered laying out in the sun today in my swimmers but it was just a touch too cold. Loving all of this beautiful sun though!

  5. Winter here too. We had wonderful sunshine for a bit today. So nice to feel it on my face today. Have squinted this much in months. Great photo. x

  6. Beautiful photo!

  7. Looks fabulous - I think when you guys had a lot of rainy days we had sunny ones, and then we swapped over! It's been pretty cold down here - lots of snow on our mountains. But it's nice to get rugged up and feel cosy! xx


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