Tuesday, July 30, 2013

winter : haiku

I should probably start by apologising for taking so long to announce the winner of the winter giveaway. Truth be told, life has been slightly chaotic and I wanted to set aside a good few hours to sip tea and read haiku. It was such a treat to scroll through the entries - you're a talented bunch and I really appreciate you bringing your creativity to this space.

I chose ten of my favourites and sent the list to each of the brands who had contributed to the giveaway. They emailed me with their favourites, which included:

#106 - Angela
"Cocoon me" he says,
my heart swells as I wrap him
safely in my love.

#144 - Jane
Now we turn inward
Slowly, softly waiting still - 
Life blooms underneath.

#66 - Lucy
Crisp, frosty morning
Snuggly cuddles warm my soul
Babies bundled near.

#8 - Anna
Please remember me
eating all these tangerines
winter dusk is come

But there was one poem that really captured the essence of winter in the most simple and innocent way. Written by a five-year-old named Chilli who, whilst sitting around her family table in Tasmania, pronounced syllable for the first time and learnt all about its meaning. The next day she wrote this:

The wind whistles here,
Blowing a gale all around,
Then it starts to rain.

Congratulations, little one. I hope haiku helps you to celebrate each and every season.


If you're interested in introducing haiku to your children I highly recommend Today and Today, Zen Shorts and Zen Ties. If you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comments section. 


  1. A most deserving winner...such a gorgeous story!

  2. Aw such lovely poems. I also really love #8!

  3. Being one of the finalists has made my day! I was beginning to think my brain had really started to die, being a stay at home mum. Knowing I could exercise my mind and attempt a haiku has given me a real lift. I loved teaching kids how to write haikus when I was a teacher and look forward to when my littlies can have a try, so a huge congratulations to Chilli. And thank you Jodi for running such a creative competition.

  4. Oh like Lucy White, it has been wonderful to be a finalist, has been a challenge for me to make a haiku in another language that is not mine! Congratulations to little winner
    and thank you for this!!

  5. Pretty shots! :-)


  6. Yes! Great job, Chilli!!! And I love #8 too...

  7. These are BEAUTIFUL! Love that you did this for a giveaway. So fun to read. :)

  8. What a special moment for Chilli and so well deserved :)

  9. A most deserving winner indeed :)

  10. I am so in love with your blog! It's pure beauty! The haikus are great. I love #66. Happy to be your follower =)


  11. It was fun! Bravo Chilli, beautiful haiku indeed!
    xx Benedicte

  12. That kid is so stinkin' talented! What a beautiful haiku! And my faith in the young is bolstered. Sigh.

  13. Chilli wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your beautiful comments, she very deeply appreciated them - as did we. It has been such a wonderful experience for her to have so many lovely comments about her Haiku - Thank you.


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