Thursday, July 11, 2013

winter : a giveaway to celebrate the season

illustration by Rebekka Seale / design by Emily from Daily Smudge and em & jon design

This, the final in the seasonal giveaway series, is a collection of beautiful products to inspire creativity and prompt warm, slow days. There's a little bit of everything here; woollens for your child, decadent beauty products to nurture your skin, handprinted linens for your bedroom, wholefood cookbooks, art supplies and that Riviera blue cast iron French Oven. 

One winner will receive the following, valued at over $900:

1. Handknit fisherman's jumper made with organic wool from Nature Baby. Available in three colours and a variety of sizes, this classic knit is beautiful (and has very necessary pockets - always a good thing). Winner will choose colour and size - valued at $64.95

2. Cozy plus sleeping bag from aden + anais. Made from aden + anais' signature muslin, this sleeping bag has bottom and side zippers for easy changing and eliminates the need for blankets; ensuring baby stays warm and sleeps soundly (fingers crossed). Winner will choose colour/pattern and size - valued at $69.95

3. Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely skincare products including busy bee balm and body lotion.  Made with organic honey, orange and mandarin essential oils, these products are sweet and soothing - valued at $54.80

4. More from the bees! An absolute essential in my home, these beeswax tealight candles from QueenB create a beautiful golden light and help to purify the air - valued at $19.95

5. Jess from Hello Milky creates beautiful handprinted designs on cotton and linen. This set of 2 pillowcases features tiny gold dots on charcoal grey 100% cotton. Printed by hand using non-toxic, eco-friendly inks and valued at $76

6. Purdey Bonnet by Dover & Madden - a handmade 1970s-inspired ski bonnet featuring a bubble design and the possible addition of earflaps, available in size 3months-36months. Winner will choose colour and size - valued at $41

7. Early stART Woody Crayons from Micador. We love these chunky crayons (with jumbo sharpener) - perfect for little hands - valued at $15

8. Stockmar Watercolour Paint from Dragonfly Toys. Ideal for transparent painting, the colours tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to yield all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance or intensity - valued at $64.50

9. Floral notecard set by the ever-lovely Rebekka Seale. Three 5" x 7" cards featuring prints of Rebekka's floral paintings. Printed on heavy, matte card stock with rounded edges, each card comes with a brown kraft envelope - valued at $13.50

10. Yes To products - free of all nasties and voted PETA's Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetic company for two of the last three years. Winner will receive Yes To Cucumbers Milk Cleanser and Yes To Carrots Intense Repair Hand Cream - valued at $29.90

11. Three cute packs of seeds from sow 'n sow including: trio of herbs, poppy and forget me nots. Each pack comes with a sweet envelope - the perfect little gift to send via snail mail. Valued at $28.90

12. Megan Morton's brand new book: I Love My Room. A beautiful collection of children's rooms to inspire (could be used as a baby name book too - there's some great names in there) - valued at $49.95

13. Every winter kitchen needs a little cast iron and this Chasseur 24cm round 3.8L casserole pot in Riviera blue is pretty perfect. Valued at $209 from Kitchen Warehouse.

14. Petite Kitchen by Eleanor Ozich; a fabulous winter "simple eating" cookbook inspired by tradition, whole foods and gathering with family - valued at $30.

15. Vintage French egg basket by Bayside Vintage - practical and so beautiful - valued at $85

16. Lhami - completely natural and organic, I absolutely adore the eucalyptus balm (so good on the chest and soles of the feet to beat winter colds) and the coconut body oil to add to a hot bath or slather over dry winter skin - valued at $44.90

17. The Moth - an arts and literature magazine and The Caterpillar - stories, poems and art from kids. New and original publications from Ireland - valued at $14

18. Seasoned - a wholefood winter cookbook full of homemade goodness by Julie from Cinnamon Girl - valued at $30


Entry to this giveaway is a little different to how I've done it in the past. This time it involves creativity in the form of haiku - a Japanese style of poetry that celebrates nature. There are up to 17 syllables in a three line haiku poem; 5 on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the third. A beautiful example:

"The field wren,
searching here, there, everywhere - 
has she lost something?"
- Issa

And so, to enter all you need to do is write a haiku poem about winter. I will nominate my favourite 10 poems and will send the list to each brand featured in the giveaway. They will then nominate their favourite and the poem with the most votes wins. 

This giveaway ends on Thursday 18th July at 9pm. I'll announce the winner in the days following. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section - I'll respond there as soon as I can. 

This giveaway is open to readers across the globe (even if you are currently basking in summer).

Best of luck! 



  1. Hi! It's summer here in Barcelona, but I'd love to enter this giveaway! This is my haiku poem about winter, I hope it's ok, it's really hard to write something using so few syllables!
    Snow flakes
    as white as white can be
    but they warm my heart
    Thank you!
    Marta García
    abilingualbabyblogmarta (a)

  2. Cold rain and a

    new gust of wind...still, my

    green heart smells summer

  3. Crisp, cold morning air
    What does the day hold for us?
    Your warm hand in mine

  4. boundless pure blue sky,
    dappled sun light, earthy scents;
    cold fingers entwine.

  5. I love this - thanks for inspiring my newborn-sleep-deprived brain into some much needed creativity. It was minus 4.5 at our place the other night, freezing cold but the frost the next morning was worth it. Here's my attempt -

    Frost lands on the trees
    Resting, watching I must wait
    to spring forth once more

  6. Such fun!

    Here's my entry...

    Damp wind chills raw hands,
    freezing everything but my heart
    warmed bright by life's fire.


  7. yellow pom pom blooms
    crown silvery foliage
    with sweet honey scent

  8. beautiful giveaway and wonderful prize!
    there goes mine...

    please remember me
    eating all these tangerines
    winter dusk is come

    1. Can I just say that I love the opening line of this?! xo

  9. blue and gentle skies
    smiling down on naked boughs;
    laughter turns to fog

  10. Oh my goodness, you guys are good! x

  11. What a lovely idea! Here's my poem.

    The cold air wakes us.
    Let’s wait a little longer.
    Just one more cuddle.

  12. steaming hot soup
    hand knits on little bodies
    that's my winter

  13. sunlight dance on frost
    words floating with a grey mist
    fire crackling

  14. Clementine sits stills
    Frosted glass and windsung pines
    Bear her thoughts away

  15. Warm cup of Milo
    Heating my frosty fingers
    and soul with a sip

    Thanks for the opportunity xx

  16. Purple orange pink,
    Winter dances the hula,
    Rainbows in the sky

    What a bright & creative idea! Loved having to create something so unexpected! I'll let you wonder where my winter is..

  17. Another great giveaway and enjoying challenging myself too, thanks!

    Snuggled warm in bed
    With my love and kids
    Best start to cold days

  18. Red cheeks in cold air,
    snowflakes rest on eyelashes -
    inside it is warm.

    Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful bounty - it was a long time since my last haiku, I really enjoyed thinking about it again!


  19. Snugly cold nights
    Basking in winter sunshine
    Frozen, quiet, calm.

    What a challenge! I LOVE it!!!

  20. Icy wind cuts through
    Please warm up my frozen bones
    Soft cozy jumper

    This giveaway is breathtaking! Xx

  21. Here's mine:

    Long scarf under chin
    Roly poly puffy coat
    Cold nose, rosy cheeks

  22. Love it!

    He naps, house quiet.
    Outside I sit in the sun.
    Peaceful winter warmth.

  23. Slow cooked, warmed bellies
    Ruby red cheeks and noses
    Indoor play, black tea

  24. Snow falls silently.
    We lie under the blanket
    & awake refreshed.

  25. I wrote this many, many years ago when I was still in high school. I remember it word for word over 20 years later -

    Never ending sky
    The winter sky is dreaming
    Sky so clear and blue

    There you have it !

  26. grey skies, wild blue eyes
    something for hands and for minds
    breathe it in and smile.

  27. A coastal walk,
    Breaching, tail, a breeze,
    What is it?

  28. Frosty Fruit fingers
    Scarlet red frozen nose
    Stinging cherry lips

  29. The cold air biting
    Cheeks are tight and rosy red
    Kiss the frost of dawn

    Love this!

  30. soft frost furs leaf bones
    an old coat worn in places
    the earth turns dawnward

    my first haiku! my new favourite winter activity!

  31. Finally the cold
    A few months of sweet respite
    From the scorching heat

  32. Scarves around our necks,
    Bracing this icy, cold wind.
    Winter, we love you!

  33. The waves crested white
    as the wild wind blows
    stinging crimson cheeks


  34. quietly, softly,
    without a sound as we sleep
    wake up to wonder


    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance :)

  35. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I've never commented. Never even written a haiku before either, but this seems like the perfect time to try, so here goes:

    Grey cottonball sky -
    soft blanket over my world
    snugly I watch snow

  36. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I've never commented. Never even written a haiku before either, but this seems like the perfect time to try, so here goes:

    Grey cottonball sky -
    soft blanket over my world
    snugly I watch snow

    1. I'm sorry for the double-post; somehow I published the same message twice.

  37. Kettle trumpets
    Sencha, pu-erh, english breakfast, white
    Chai for me, please.

    What a nice giveaway; I love Seasoned!

  38. Envelope my soul
    In a wash of white beauty
    Slowly melt away

  39. Hot oatmeal breakfast,
    Movie days and toddler hugs,
    Winter I love thee..

  40. rosy cheeks, fingers
    bit with frost - still, I'm waiting
    to catch the first flake

  41. Hot soup warms the soul
    Just as spring tries to break through,
    Winter's frosted ground

    Thanks for the opportunity... I just love the way soup warms from the inside out, don't you?
    Jenny x

  42. the sweet smell of cold
    on a lover's quiet lips
    keep us warm, winter

    kw, ladies in navy

  43. Rain falls on mountain ranges
    Dark shadows cast across the forest
    Secretive and majestic

  44. What a tough choice you're going to have to make! So many lovely little poems. Here's mine:

    each year: cold winter
    but soon she'll be in my arms
    a daughter to warm

  45. Hi! I'm italian and maybe this game is to difficult for me but I love it! Please forgive my mistakes.


    Cadendo danzai,
    domani sull'albero
    nasce un fiore


    I fell dancing
    because on my tree
    a flower will born


  46. snowflakes swirl, blue sky
    horse drawn carriage ride, central park
    red hat, red heart, sings

  47. What a lovely giveaway!

    Winter is here
    The sky is low and grey
    Look, I see snow


  48. in the middle of a (rainy) summer up here, but this made me think back to last winter when our new baby was born in January.
    warm baby inside
    big brother making snowmen
    I'll start the cocoa


  49. Snowflakes on my nose
    Hot chocolate in my hands
    Perfect Harmony

    Needledd at gmail dot com

  50. while its summer here,
    our winters are no joke.
    chilly baby soon.

  51. After the train:
    the rails still softly sing
    in the winter air.

  52. I'm crossing my fingers! Such a cute idea to make writing a haiku the entry! Love it! Angelina xx (

    gentle frosty wind
    candle flames flicker nearby
    sweet hugs warm my soul

  53. Thank you Jodi for hosting such a wonderful giveaway and a wonderful way to choose a winner!

    wind comes to the ground
    the sky has disappeared
    only the birds sigh

    jesilangdale (at) icloud (dot) com

  54. Crystal encompassed branches
    Reflecting the light of Moon
    The sweetest lullaby

  55. This is the most incredible give away I have ever seen. And I agree with Jesi above that haiku is a lovely way to choose a winner!!

    No clouds in the sky
    Even though we breath them out
    Stars become brighter


  56. It’s lonely, the cold
    Always teasing, never warm
    I need to feel loved

  57. popsicle toes
    warmed by nocturnal hot water bottle
    wool socks and love.

  58. Ahhh...glorious! So cosy and lovely.

  59. Trees lift silent arms
    In salubrious praise
    A peaceful season


    narthex -at- hotmail -dot- com

  60. Wrinkled hands crochet,
    gifts for someone yet to be.
    In a pile, they wait.

  61. So much fun! And strange to write it here from Denmark, where summer has finally arrived. Here it goes:

    Tall and dark forest
    A bird echo from afar
    Unheard forever

    - Anna

  62. Aging with winter;
    unforgiving, and bitter;
    haunts my shaking breath

  63. Crisp, frosty morning
    Snuggly cuddles warm my soul
    Babies bundled near

  64. Enchanting colours
    awakening the people
    breathing life and love

  65. Crisp air - rosy cheeks - catching snowflakes in my hair ....some caught on eyelash.....
    fireplace and heated face ..... woollen socks ................the smell of burned wood and the air ....
    Cloves and cinnamon - orange and mandarin - chestnuts .....from ovens in the huts
    Yellow brown and reddish leaves - wet from rain - carpeting the path in front of me .

  66. winter's deep quiet
    the world cozily dormant
    warmth comes from within

  67. Forming in silence,
    a gift of stellar beauty.
    Falling so softly.

  68. Live this, got the baby brai. Thinking creatively!

    Wild wonderland
    Snuggling with our new baby
    Such beauty, So Free

  69. I couldn't pick my favorite one, now the hard part is up to you!

    Frail bleak bones brace
    No whispering in the wind
    Your clothes will grow back
    -a contemplation of trees in winter

    Winter's chilling kiss
    makes your embrace twice as nice
    build your own great fire
    -on being in love


  70. sharp, brisk, refreshing
    the beauty of fresh clean air
    the world is sparkling

  71. I'm SO EXCITED to share my haiku! Here it is:

    Mini Cadbury
    Like nascent hope nests sweetly
    In your mighty beard

    Please count me in; this giveaway is AWESOME.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (Really more about waiting for winter to be over... ha!)

  72. Small toes wrapped in wool
    and laughter by the fire
    make warm memories


  73. The cold sits quiet,
    while my hand is in yours,
    my heart longs for summer


    P.S. LOVE THIS! Challenging everyone to tap into their creative mind!

  74. This is such a wonderful idea, had to have a go, it's been awhile since I've written a poem! -

    Wrap up warm
    Nice outside, we play...Wild,
    Inside we stay.

    Thanks, Gemma (& Leo) x

  75. He sees my scarf slip.
    His fingers slip round my neck.
    I flinch. "Get back Jack”.

    Cheers, Annabelle
    P.s. This was a lot of fun counting syllables on my fingers.

  76. Golden yolk sunset,
    My skyline defines you.
    But where has your warmth gone?

  77. All day long you'll squint at the gray sky.
    When the wind blows you'll shiver like straw.

    All night long,
    Winter stares coldly,
    As dreams and memories burn.

  78. Snow in my windows
    Wind blows and blows
    Only your arms keep me warm

  79. Snow crunches under
    my boots walking on the path
    bright green on pure white

  80. The world is quiet,
    Inside, heat stirs against cold
    soon to spread outwards

  81. Winter, slow and cold
    wind trying to cut your soul
    pine scent and you

  82. the Winter walk
    at dawn time - crisp
    like shortbread

    beautiful idea xx

  83. The grey of the sky
    Envelopes us completely
    Rain holds you still now

  84. blue bold wreckless day
    turns to the quick evening sky
    flowers under frost

  85. Fire burning brightly
    Fresh flannelette sheets on beds
    Enveloping mist

  86. Sleepy frost rises
    Chiskens crow, children slumber
    Morning sun heats my heart

    I am always the first up in my family, I cant seem to turn my body clock off. I used to find it so frustrating not being able to sleep in with my husband and child but now I relish in that hour or so. I sit and watch the earth warm up from our kitchen window and I write in my journal, it is just me and my thoughts...

  87. winter bare branch
    'neath icy blanket waits
    for the golden ray

  88. In brisk air
    He feels no winter chill
    Busy baby boy

  89. Under blankets, we
    eat macaroni and cheese,
    'til buttons ping off.

  90. fresh, crisp he bites
    persistently beautiful,
    'til next time

  91. In woolen trousers,
    baby boy toddles the path
    to feed cold chickens.

  92. Warm beneath the quilt
    Searching cries startle the night
    Cold footsteps, breast, best.

  93. ice seeking entry
    into dusty yellow sun
    i am folded

  94. Cold fingers and nose,
    mulled wine upon a flame,
    smiles emerge in snow

  95. Under knit blanket
    Baby nursing, toddler snug
    Storm subsiding, this is love

  96. Hi, just commented as unknown, not too sure how this works, obviously! Williamsashleigh at gmail dot com. Haiku number 99. Thanks for the wee challenge! Unexpectedly fun!

  97. crisp sky envelopes,
    soft skin of new, cradled
    my winter, now warm.

    My daughter was born in winter so this is about holding her for the first time.
    Thanks so much for putting up such an awesome comp! :)

  98. Ooh, I would definitely like to give this a go and see what happens next. Here is my poem:

    Winter, you come you go
    Oh winter
    How I love you so

  99. A flicker of warmth
    Hiding within winters stare
    A glimmer of hope

  100. "Cocoon me" he says,
    my heart swells as I wrap him
    safely in my love

  101. Winter, winter
    Must you be so sublime?
    Rain, hail or shine.

  102. Flannel PJ soft
    Our early morning snuggle
    Cold nose on my cheek

  103. Crisp air. Azure sky
    Gives way to dark inky blue.
    Dancing embers warm.

  104. Winter's chill is here
    Fire burning, candlelight
    Slow down - hibernate

  105. The trees have no leaves
    Mummy, how can I hide there?
    Winter with my boy

  106. Ashen sky fades dark
    My neighbor Orion comes
    Eating up cold stars

  107. A rainbow grey sky
    Warms our house & bare faces
    Magical winter

  108. Cool, crisp, frosty air
    Her cold hand reaches for his
    and in them find warmth

  109. We forget each year
    About each seasons passing
    Each one so special

  110. Great giveaway! it made me pause and think about winter even though it is summer here in Santa Fe.

    Keeping hands busy
    Silent stillness morning sun
    Melting icicles

  111. winter comes
    its cold
    bring a hat.

  112. don't blink
    and miss the time for dreaming
    about something new

  113. cozy up, my dear
    savor its deliciousness
    this white blanket here.

    what a lovely giveaway, jodi.

  114. Jodi,

    can you enter more than once?
    thanks. (this is fun)

  115. slow, back with nature
    as the day ebbs dusk darkens
    now, time to reflect

  116. In Arizona
    Winter is King!
    outside we go!

  117. Crisp cold air like smoke
    Unfurls from my lips, an eddy
    of fire to the morn.

  118. Summer breeze is soft
    where I'm living up in the north
    The winter blanket is cold

    (Thank you Jodi, for this wonderful giveaway, love from Portugal!)

  119. Hands holding hot tea
    Toes toasting by the fire
    A quiet moment

  120. You have a tough job ahead of you Jodi. So many lovely poems. I won't enter as I've written for summer which we are immersed in right now and not winter as requested (typical me, misreading). Good luck to all.

    finally summer
    light and love are bountiful
    my heart is happy

  121. i am sure i haven't written a poem in the last 20 years, so thank you for the challenge.

    hot water bottle
    woolen socks, flannelette sheets
    good book, early night


  122. Smiles under the sheets
    Sweet breaths into mummy's neck
    Baby's first winter.


  123. Frosty winter morn'
    Beautiful Millie was born
    Winter is complete.


  124. damp washing hung over
    condensed reflections of clouds
    fleeing the sun

  125. the Canuck cold front
    will bring out skates, mitts, lip balm-
    not for 5 months, phewf!

    That lil' doosey is to pay homage to the Canadian winter!!

  126. on chilled mountaintop
    we live and sleep in the clouds
    with twinkly dewdrop hair

  127. snuggled in a heap
    like a pile of kittens
    warm bodies and hearts

  128. knit socks warm cold toes
    the fire crackles as we sit close
    winter's rhythm joy.

  129. Golden glowing fire
    warms my feet, thaws my numb hands
    joys of winters cold

  130. Dew crisp morning glow,
    mother nature dormant...cold,
    solstice, wiff of hope.

  131. she wraps her scarf round
    he pulls on gloves and wool socks
    my babies, warm love

  132. it is cold
    my summer freckles fading
    until next summer

  133. blue fingertips knead
    winter anxieties, hope
    flirts behind the fog

  134. Eyes of winter
    Profound comment in plain sight
    The child weaves her story

  135. Now we turn inward
    Slowly, softly waiting still -
    Life blooms underneath

  136. Crick crack crick crick crack
    Polar bear in the yard
    Storytelling night

  137. Our breath forms clouds
    I hold you close and still
    Your nose stays cold

  138. Fire burning brightly
    Cold Wind biting at the door
    Clear Blue sky dreaming

  139. Winter comes I know
    Blow my breath in the cold air - like cigarette smoke

  140. Winter, there you are
    Our bodies huddled in tight
    Calming through the night

  141. I love winter most
    as you warm my feet at night
    sleep tight and sweet dreams

  142. Come the haze of cold,
    the white hills and breath in fog,
    the summer slumbers.

  143. Shallow depths freeze,
    dark evenings stir my sleepy soul,
    Warmth, return to me.

  144. I love this challenge Jodi. x

    Wrapped up warm, we breathe
    In and out, our breath dances.
    A wisp in cold air.

  145. Icy moist breath in.
    Heaven's brilliance, nature's bling -
    Glazed with warm exhale.

  146. Early cheer!
    We watch you from our window
    Braving winter's frost

    1. oooh - revised last line...

      We watch you from our window
      Dancing with Jack frost

  147. Radiant dew drops
    Cling to the delicate thread
    of glistening web

  148. I will go there soon
    Florida in the winter
    I will not be cold

  149. Hi, can I enter more than once? Thanks! Beautiful prize! X

  150. Not quite as beautiful as some other entries, but here's my first thought about winter:

    Hands in coat pockets
    A surprise found deep inside:
    Last year's used tissues

  151. Earthworm plump with rain
    Sodden soil on trowel and boot
    Prepare earth to sing

  152. Freezing winter wind
    howls against my windowpane,
    cracking fire fights back.

  153. Cold frosty mornings
    Warm milk filled belly
    Babe on my breast

  154. A childhood jaunt
    stinging youthful ruddy cheeks
    chilled fingers and toes

  155. Sun bright, tricks, teases
    Cold air nips, stings and freezes
    Great excuse for hats!

    Am in love with the Australian winter - still seems so light and jaunty compared with the long, long winters back in Shetland x

  156. Contemplation time,
    Inwards I seek warmth and light.
    Soup and cuddles heal.

  157. The mellow clicking,
    my fingers caressed by wool
    socks on my needles.

  158. blue hands roll winter
    thoughts into baking trays, silence
    to the stealth of time.

  159. This comment has been removed by the author.

  160. I have spent the past 5 months travelling Southeast Asia, and have just signed a contract to stay on for another 2 years. Winter is my favourite season, so I'm sad to say goodbye to it for awhile. These are the things I will miss the most....

    Wool coats, leather boots.
    Rosy cheeks, frosted noses.
    Day-long coffee dates.


  161. Luisa stripped bare
    winds lash at her last leaves
    new spring birth dawns soon

  162. I was actually in Japan when this giveaway came out, but now i'm home in Aus with sweet memories. I'll write this one about my front garden:

    Russet maple leaf,
    fades, falls to mudded gutter,
    is it warm somewhere?

    beautiful giveaway Jodi xo

  163. Rainy Sunday lunch,
    aromas fill our home,
    treasured family time.

    What a bunch of beautiful goodies!

  164. Awaken crisp morning,
    Cosy winter socks,
    Midday warmth invites a chill,
    Inside my coffee cup.

    Very inspiring comp, thank you!

  165. hot tea hearty broths
    clear skies scarves and time, more time
    winter favorites

    hi from (very hot) france - i miss winter :)

  166. oh my name didn't show for the above comment (hot tea...), it's Annelies, annelieshollewand (@)

  167. Don't mind the crisp air
    Let's tell stories by the fire
    A cold to warm hearts

  168. Grey expansive sky
    Collars turn from callous cold
    Hands catch, we walk on.

    Thanks for the opportunity -- what a lovely giveaway, Jodi!

  169. White fog hugs the earth,
    A warm breath can now be seen
    This is Winter's grace.

    My first Haiku and doubt it will be my last - I really enjoyed thinking about this. Thankyou Jodi xx

  170. an obscure vision
    of the sun, Spring plays behind
    the fogged Winter drapes

  171. grey days with crisp air
    warm my heart while hidden inside
    cold air beats hot here

  172. The earth is sleeping
    under her blanket dreaming
    returning of the light.

  173. Snow drifts, turns, dances
    Soft and silent we behold
    Breath held in wonder

    1. just wanted to add what a lovely way to enter, thanks for inspiring me to stop and think, and listen today x

  174. Stripped back to bare bough
    Inward contemplation grows
    promise of new blooms

    This is a great idea Jodi!

  175. Wrapped among layers
    Hot soup for runny noses
    The night comes early

  176. Bundled baby
    undresses under blue sky
    gentle winter sun

  177. Warm tea I hold dear,
    Wild winter wattle blooming,
    I embrace the quiet.

  178. barren crunching ground,
    ice beneath my feet so cold
    crackling fire,ahh.

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. look through the window
    shorter day and longer night - miss you even more!

  181. drip drop plip plop slip
    winter cries her last farewell
    spring is here again


  182. I have enjoyed reading all of these and thinking of my own. It's too hot and humid now to go outside, so I am dreaming of winter. Here's my haiku:

    Winter Morning Chore

    Shivering at dawn
    Wool-mittened hands carry wood
    Fire burns in the hearth.

  183. In the Summer I
    Long for the deep, crisp cool
    Of pale Winter nights

  184. Frost Under Foot,
    The vineyard now bare,
    How I long for yield

  185. Silvery breath parts
    cherry lips; cheeks flushed rose she
    wades the crisp, cool air.

  186. A chill in the air
    I will nestle deeper still
    Curl my toes so cold

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