Wednesday, January 02, 2013

good intentions

We were at the beach early on New Years Day, welcoming 2013 with its glorious blue sky.

I like the fresh start of a new year, its newness and possibilities. I've been thinking about resolutions and good intentions, venturing into this year with a clear mind and an open heart. In 2013 I intend to:

move slowly through the busyness - I've accepted the fact that life isn't going to slow down and that tomorrow won't miraculously contain five extra hours. This year is already looking busy and so, while the deadlines and stories and general to-dos will keep coming, I can be slow and calm amidst it all; for the benefit of myself and my family.

spend 15 minutes, everyday, doing a chore (particularly one I've been putting off) - inspired by Happier at Home, I've already started in the kitchen (under the sink). It's surprising how much can be done in 15minutes, especially if you're working against the clock. Once the junk drawer, craft drawer and pantry are done, I'm moving onto the passport applications (yes, 2013 may contain an overseas trip, or two!)

cook good food and eat it mindfully - my whole food kitchen is coming along, bit by bit (soon, I'll be putting a new shelf up in the kitchen for all my glass jars and their colourful contents). I do love cooking but I have a terrible habit of eating my meals quickly and not really savouring the texture and flavour. A pineapple/mint/ginger juice is now my staple before dinner so chewing each mouthful properly before swallowing is the next step (both aid digestion!). My current favourite wholefood snack? Popcorn cooked in coconut oil, sprinkled with sea salt, eaten while warm. 

read the printed word - I spend so much time reading from the screen so over Christmas I immersed myself in a few books....and I loved it! Ink and paper makes me happy; a good story works wonders for the mind.

save - this year we'll get even closer to our dream cottage (I've set the savings goal rather high).

And what about you...what's your good intention for the year?


  1. Ha ha idle parenting... I'm nodding in agreement to all of your resolutions Jodi. My big ones are to experiment with new ways of thinking, and to be as authentic as I can. In all things. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family xxx

    1. Idle Parenting is on my book list x

    2. It's one of the best parenting books I've read- it doesn't take itself too seriously, which reminds me not to take my self too seriously- a good thing!

  2. good luck with the passport applications Jodi!
    I have just been thru the hell of 7 of them. i needed therapy after it all. and lots and lots of meditation!
    my advice is go to your passport interview with the idea that you will have to go back- more than once.

    my latest post is about my feelings on resolutions.
    i wish you well with all of yours. i love that they are achievable ones.
    i hope this year is full of love, giggling with your children, hugs, time spent with people who love you & who you love, enriching experiences & fun times.

    1. oh thanks for the passport tip! Achievable resolutions - always. I was thinking of giving up sugar but I think it's more realistic to eat it mindfully ;) x

  3. we've had such glorious weather haven't we? as I'm going back to uni I am definitely committing to read the printed word more. the last two + years of blogging/pregnancy/baby have seen my print reading plummet but that is to change in 2013. happy new year jodi!

  4. My good intention or goal is to finally begin my studies toward becoming a midwife. A dream I finally have the chance to bring to life now I am done making babies myself :)
    As a family we have assigned one Sunday a month to exploring somewhere new, to move away from the repetitive rut we seem to of gotten into of late

    Happy New Year, looking forward to reading your blog in 2013

  5. i have made 13 for this year. intentions are important. paving the road to what i most want. i too am wanting to eat more whole foods and be present whilst doing so. life can be so very busy it's nice to step back and savour moments here and there. xx ashley

  6. Lots of intentions this year, not unlike yours, but a big one is to spend some time on me. Put simply, I eat well but I don't really exercise and I could be in much better shape. Been reading The Happiness Project which is helping with a few more intentions too. P.S. This isn't the first time you've written something only for it to be happening chez nous at exactly the same time: we had popcorn in coconut oil this afternoon. Funny!

  7. Happy New Year!

    2012 was a fairly chaotic year for I am hoping that 2013 will just be normal. Not boring, but calm and content. I hope that we are all happy and healthy. And if we can manage to save a little bit of money to put towards renovating our kitchen, then that would be a bonus!

    I hope 2013 is a magical year for you and your family!

  8. lucky you! i miss starting the year in the southern hemisphere.. happy 2013! lu.

  9. Happy New Year Jodi... wholefood cooking is on my list too. I too read a beautiful book over Christmas it was called Wildwood. Stunning, magic and inspiring. I thoroughly recommend it! x

  10. Happy new year, your good intention make mine look oh so little.
    To exercise more, eat cleaner better & breath.

  11. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family Jodi. Wishing you a love-filled, adventurous 2013!

    Ooooh some overseas travel! Yay! Good luck with the passport apps....a painful process I found. I was born in Africa, but have been an Australian citizen since 1990. My brother and I share a citizenship certificate and of course he has it....packed away in boxes somewhere in his house....IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS!!!! So I had to go through a million fire rings and obstacles to get a new citizenship cert to get my and my kid's passports! Oh the fun!!!! Worth it in the end we've had some amazing trips these past 2 years.

    I love your 'resolutions' - earthly, real and honest! So true to YOU!

    Loving the sound of popcorn in coconut oil....tomorrow's project :)

    Happy new year x

  12. That beach looks gorgeous!

    I have quite a few intentions for this year, but sometimes they change as the year goes on :P My main intention is to expand my garden. My husband gave me a book on backyard homesteading, and I'm learning new tips and tricks to keep my garden producing (hopefully) year-round.

  13. popcorn cooked in coconut oil plus sea salt is my nightly snack.
    happy new year!

  14. I started off with New Year Wishes, like hoping my other half finds a new job, and that we get to stay living in our lovely home.
    Then reality kicked in and I started to set some proper resolutions. The first one is to start cycling a couple of times a week, even just for ten minutes. So I can get fit, and have some alone time for me!
    And my other one is to do whatever I have to do to fulfil my Five Year Plan, which is to move from Ireland to Australia. Or New Zealand. Even if it means doing something that I don't particularly want to do in order to get to where I want to be.
    Jodi, I eat slower than anyone I know, and was recently diagnosed as coeliac. I love food, and though my diet is so much more restricted now, I eat a lot more fresh produce and enjoy my meals so much. That's one resolution you won't regret!

  15. ehehehiieee thought we might have stumbled upon a photo shoot at the beach! ;)

    it really is the best spot though, huh!

    xo em

  16. We just made the decision to not rush into buying another house just yet but to rent for a little but longer and wait for the right thing to come along.
    This also means making a very conscious effort to save more - I'm putting our spend/save spreadsheet together at the moment.
    No more flivirious spending on unnecessary things.

  17. Such a lovely post! Happy new year and enjoy those sun rays. I think I might have to copy your juice idea, sounds like a wonderful combo.

    xo Lissa

  18. What lovely resolutions! I sometimes think you need to set financial goals really high so you can really see a strong result ... bit of an aim for the moon, reach the stars approach. This year we've set the financial goals rather high as well - including paying for a wedding and honeymoon!

  19. I want to read the printed word more this year too - I read a lot for work, but not usually texts of my own choosing, so I'd like to fix that up a bit in 2013.

    That beach looks freaking awesome.

  20. Je vous souhaite une très belle année Jodi*.

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