Thursday, September 06, 2012


After months of procrastinating I finally got organised enough to create a facebook page for Che & FidelSo...if you are on facebook I'd love it if you headed over there and 'liked' me.

I'll be on there daily, sharing snippets of inspiration and information. See you there....

the hammock beckons from the balcony. it takes all my self-discipline not to curl up in it every afternoon and wile away the hours...


  1. If I'd have a hammock, I would be tempted to lounge on it all day too ; )

  2. Liked!! And kudos on getting it up and running, as well. You've given me inspiration, I've been putting off making a page for so long! Do you think it will help with communication between the blog and your social circle? So curious. x

    PS- lovely photo, and an even lovelier boy. :)

  3. FUN! So happy to see you on Facebook ~ love your blog here, liked you over there -- it's all one big love party! :)

  4. Your page is great Jodi and 'liked' by me and many others! I too set up a page about a month ago but didn't even think to announce it on my blog, my brain is very slow to piece all this technology/social media together. Oh well I like the slow pace :) Happy facebooking x

  5. Yay for you! I am rather technically inept and hence have avoided facebook. I watch from afar but haven't really got my head around it. Do you need to have a personal profile to set up a "business" page? Hope you have a brilliant weekend :) x


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