Friday, August 17, 2012

from the south coast: lisa madigan ... the store

I knew as soon as I saw the white tissue pom poms and handpainted sign hanging from the tree. Here, in a non-descript back-street in Berry, was something special. 

Located in a light-filled cottage, Lisa Madigan's "the store" is a white-washed studio/gallery/shop that offers an eclectic mix of contemporary homewares, unique art and handmade goodness. The space is imbued with an organic colour palette of ivory, grey, green and black; paper, twine and beeswax reign supreme.

Lisa is a humble artist who blushes at my enthusiasm over her creations. Her style is fresh yet earthy; she admires handmade and has a profound love for the beauty of nature - fennel seeds, fallen branches, feathers. When I visited there were subtle hints of blush and violet throughout the artworks but what I noticed most was the textures: smooth clay next to so-soft-to-touch cowhide, worn timber beside recycled paper. 

Next time I visit "the store" the coffee machine will be set-up. So I can sit at the bench on the verandah and admire the small mis-matched vases and just-picked blooms while I sip a cappuccino. Daniel, I'm sure the kids will love that toy store down the road...

are we there yet?
a winter getaway
the 1950s cottage

photos by luisa, the queen of the editorial shot


  1. Will add it to list of places to visit in September.......going to the nursery! (well thats if Tim still has a spot!) love the shades of white and grey x

  2. Nothing makes me break into a quick trot than the sight of a heavenly little shop tucked away somewhere random. Especially love when they have coffee because you can justify lingering just that little bit longer. Imagine coming to work in that space every day. Heaven :)

  3. Beautiful. Love those scarves.

  4. oh wow! That's my kind of shop! Heaven indeed. I've got go shopping with you some time jodi! ;-) x

  5. such a beautiful contrast to fluorescent lights and overstimulating red sale signs. beautiful shopping. :)

  6. Great shop. Too great, just the sort of shop I get drawn to. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like a place with a wonderful vibe!

  8. worlds colliding again; I follow both of you on instagram and have been keen to see more of Lisa's shop. Lovely pics from Luisa!

  9. You find the coolest shops! Now ... if only I could win the lotto ...


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