Monday, April 25, 2011

eggy goodness

We rose early, to the excited squeals of the little one who found mini chocolate eggs scattered on the rug. Then we spent the day painting and hunting them and came home with a big bag of chocolate loot. And I'm wondering how on earth we are going to eat them all. Che and I made raisin bread too - sweetened with two tablespoons of marmalade jam. Highly recommended, the recipe can be found in this fabulous book.

It's been raining, often pouring, like it does every Easter around these parts. The kettle has boiled a few too many times today and I'm thinking of upping my self-discipline and saying no to another egg - the chocolate is causing reflux and unsettled sleep. Sometimes the sugar just isn't worth it, although the sweetness....well, you just can't ever get enough of that.

For sweet blog goodness go visit my friend and neighbour Em at The Beetle Shack.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your boys. I too am feeling a little queazy from all the chocolate. Just said no for the first time in days.

  2. what sweet easter pictures. I love your new header

  3. He's so beautiful. I know what you mean about the chocolate overload. Too much sugar...who knew that could ever happen?! xx

  4. looks like sweet family time. love that little checkered shirt!

  5. Jodi! You are too sweet! Che Che looks super cute in that shirt. missed you guys tonight but i'm coming to give you a squeeze tomorrow!

  6. wow! happy easter from spain!!!! I follow your blog! it's so lovely!

    Here we do not hire eggs...but As soon as I have babies and children I will do ..I find it a lovely idea for them

    I do accesories for hair... I made some for girls .. it's a pity you have a boy!!! ;(


  7. I love everything about this post Jodi, thanks for sharing! BTW, I think I might have to investigate that cook book because, my goodness, what a delicious looking loaf! I could almost smell it! Yum. xxx

  8. it is good to see che and his chocolates so cute with the foil wrapping by his side.

    ps. that header...amazing.

  9. That beautiful boy of yours has the most amazing facial expressions. Super cute.

    Had fun catching up on your blog. Haven't been cruising the blogs lately as I decided to take a break...I'm growing a baby too! Couldn't look at a computer screen for weeks. Am pretty excited about this venture into motherhood. Your blog has been a lovely way to help me prepare. Thank you. x


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