Monday, March 14, 2011

so far

this autumn there have been paper wrapped pears and sunny afternoons imbued with inspiring reads. I have been tapping away at the keyboard for days on end, grateful for the incredible support of my professional peers as they allow me to work from home. It's perfect really because I can have lunch with the family and take a little afternoon kip when I feel the need. Che and Daniel have been spending beautiful days together, building lego and exploring quiet beaches, while I thread words together. Thousands of words. Phew. My absence from here was in no way intentional. But sometimes, at the end of the day, sitting for an extra few minutes on the computer just isn't appealing. Especially when a baby blanket needs a few more stitches...


  1. Sounds like things have been falling into place smoothly and that you are getting some positive time by yourself as well.

    The photos in your last post are sweet indeed. The muse and the photographer, you make a wonderful pair.


  2. LOVE that last pic. Hope you have a quiet week x

  3. I just started reading Spiritual Midwifery, i got it off ebay recently. I have just come across your blog so i'll be going over all your older posts. I am hoping to be pregnant soon and i live on the Central Coast so i may end up seeing you for yoga when i am pregnant!

  4. What a beautful post - you are such a lovely family :)

  5. It sounds like the perfect start to Autumn!

  6. Oh Jodi! I'm a bit late to the party here, but congratulations!!

    I've just read back through some of your pregnancy posts and they are all so beautiful, you look blissed out it's lovely to see.

    That book takes me back, I reckon it was the catalyst for me choosing home births for my babies, first read it 15 years ago, but the wisdom in it doesn't date at all. Such a special book, and such a special time for you and your family.


  7. i see you are reading my bible. it's so good reading the stories of other beautiful positive births - builds your own birthing confidence.

  8. my most favourite midwifery book. it makes me believe in the beauty and power of women.


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