Saturday, September 04, 2010


You know it's Spring when you spend the better part of a Saturday afternoon wandering around the aisles of Bunnings. The boys were ecstatic when I suggested the excursion and Che only whinged when we had to leave. We've officially reached the whinging whining stage. It's not fun.

Back to Bunnings. I bought paint - 3 tins. Chalkboard black, lexicon quarter and blue dusk. Two walls have been painted. And an op-shop find is going to fall in love with blue dusk tomorrow. Our trolley was filled with other essentials including drastically reduced garbage bags, a toilet brush and some herb seedlings.

Oh and I got new 'light' cons. They don't make my feet resemble a clowns like the originals do. For that I am grateful. Thanks Chuck.


  1. Please post pics of your freshly painted walls. I bought some chalkboard paint about 6 months ago and even have the perfect wall picked out... have I done it yet? That would be a big no!

  2. well done on the new chucks, for a second i thought you got them at Bunnings and I was about to jump in my car and head down there!

  3. Love a good foot photo. Love chucks. Love colours. Love cute boys.

    Love this post. xx

    PS. and I don't mind bunnings. always a little bit excited to go there.

  4. I love Bunnings too. There is always a bargain to be had!

    I'm curious about these new chucks. I'm a size 10, so my feet already look and feel like clown feet!

  5. Snap! I soaked up some bunnings action this weekend too!

  6. hahahah soo true! I have been fighting the urge to go there all weekend!! I'm keen to 'grow something' in our little garden, something we can watch grow then eat ... just need to work out what!!

  7. you won a little something special over at my blog. smile.


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